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A date with spring

It's time for walks in the countryside, on foot or by bicycle, along the river or in the parks and gardens of the monumental villas of Lucca and the Lucca hills.
On the agenda save the dates with exhibitions, fairs and village festivals, all dedicated to flowers.
We start with the exhibition of the Ancient Camellias of Lucca in the Compitese, at the foot of the Pisan Mountains
and back to the Walls of Lucca that host VerdeMura the gardening fair of April
and in Piazza Anfiteatro for the "temporary garden" of the days of Saint Zita.

Lucca. There is a place for every emotion.

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    5 ideas for Easter Monday
    Here are 5 tips for a relaxation day dedicated to outdoor activities with friends. A choice between picnics in parks, rides on the promenade at sea, outing to the countryside and treasure hunts. and... Happy Easter to everybody!
  • Lucca Classica Music Festival
    Lucca Classica is finally, a way of getting to know the city immersed in music, its extraordinary historical and artistic heritage and its rich musical tradition
  • anteprima vini della costa toscana
    Anteprima Vini della Costa Toscana
    more than 800 labels for a total of over 100 wine growers. a unique oenological journey that brings to Lucca all the best productions of the Tuscan coastal area.
  • Primavera sulla spiaggia
    La primavera del mare
    Il 21 febbraio, con un mese di anticipo, si festeggia l'arrivo della primavera in mare e sulla costa
  • Museo della follia a Lucca
    Museo della Follia
    The Lucca stop of the traveling exhibition curated by Vittorio Sgarbi
  • feste dei fiori, camelia
    Flower festivals in the Lucca area
    Appointment with spring in Lucca and on the hills of Lucca