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... It's here! And has brought warm colors and intense scents of the harvests.
On the hills the vine harvest gives way to those of the olives, the oil mills work to produce the new golden EVO oil. In Garfagnana the "metati" smokes up for the drying of the chestnuts, then it will be up to the mills to reduce them to sweet flour.
Almost everywhere you can take advantage of the last warm days outdoors and the clear skies of autumn and in the villages a multiplying of the festivals in honor of chestnuts, wine, mushrooms and other seasonal food.

The landscapes are coloured in the warmest colours, from golden yellow to fiery red, on the Walls of Lucca and along the promenade along the river, on the hills and in the oak woods the spectacle of the autumn foliage is renewed.


Lucca. There is a place for every emotion.


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