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L'arte dall'altra parte. Come si trasforma la passione in un lavoro?

*** Following the Italian government measures launched to deal with the spread of the coronavirus, which also include the obligation to suspend all events until April 3, L'arte dall'altra parte becomes virtual. The event will be streamed live on the Artespressa Facebook page or by clicking here***

A Saturday with the Artespressa event at Casermetta San Regolo titled "L'arte dall'altra parte. Come si trasforma la passione in un lavoro?" Turning one's passion into a job is the main theme of this review of four interactive open meetings with professionals from various sectors: from the translation of comics to psychology, from publishing to coffee.
Each of them gets involved, under the direction of Francesca Bernabei, by telling their experiences, explaining some technical aspects of their profession, but above all by showing that we never stop learning.

Saturday 30 May
3:00 pm - Artespressa FB page Video Streaming | L'arte dall'altra parte, with Luca Farinotti and Jessica Sartiani.
How is catering linked to art?

Saturday, 30 May 2020
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March 28 / May 30, 2020
Free admission
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