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Teatro del Giglio, Lucca - Le Parole per Pensare

The Giglio theater moves online with a new "social media" program of activities scheduled for the next few weeks. Alone but together: the Giglio theater is on Facebook and Instagram with three weeks of events for young and old. Three communication events to be shared are organised at fixed days and times: Monday with Gigliolab: si legge!, Wednesday with Piazza del Giglio and Friday with Le Parole per Pensare, all scheduled at 5:00 pm.

Friday April 3

at 5.00 pm - Facebook and Instagram page Teatro del Giglio | Le Parole per Pensare - Users share videos related to the word "Convivenza" (Cohabitation).
To participate, users can send their video contributions on the chosen word via WhatsApp to the number +39 349 8562191.


Friday, 3 April 2020
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End time: 
April 3 / 17, 2020
Free admission
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