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Tedx Lucca

A day dedicated to the deepening of many themes published according to the TED method. On the stage of the Auditorium di San Romano ten speakers will be announced in January.

The title of this year's event is “Senza Se e Senza Ma" (no ifs no buts) and will deal with various themes: food, music, art, technology, science, medicine, human rights.

The nine speakers of the #TEDxLucca 2020 are
Prof.Franco Berrino, Nutritionist and convinced supporter of the power of a correct diet to avoid cancer
Girolamo Deraco, Composer, contemporary opera director, cultural manager.
Mirko Bonini, Street artist, music teacher and ... gardener. As a passionate music fan, in 2012 he quit his job to follow his vocation.
Chiara Ianeselli
Adriano Zago
Barbara Matteoli
Umberto Callegari
Bily Berlusconi
Rivka Battle Kessler

The first 100 buyers will have the possibility to take advantage of a first big discount.

TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is a US conference brand managed by the private non-profit organization The Sapling Foundation. It is an authorized online platform for training and information where videos dealing with topics of all kinds treated by experts are available .

TED is the speech format lasting 18 minutes. On this art of expressing oneself in a short time and capturing the attention of an adult audience, books by founder Chris Anderson are available.

TED was created in 1984 as a single event and then became an annual conference starting from 1990. Its mission is summarized in the message "ideas worth spreading" .

Saturday, 29 February 2020
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Auditorium San Romano
Piazza San Romano - Lucca
February 29, 2020
€ 29,90 / € 100,00
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