Lucca is good Tuscan Lifestyle

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Lucca does not need special preparation to be visited, as if you were to take an examination in knowledge of tourism riddled with history, arts, and environment. Whether you happen to be here, or to be taken by a group trip, it is better to get to Lucca as if meeting a magical, friendly and enchanting place that you cannot know from the pages of a guidebook, or from the words of an even excellent guide.

Lucca is a place willing to let itself known to a certain type of visitor: serene, proceeding slowly, feeling curious and loafer, having the pace of families, children, lovers, leaving the time and the imagination to create memories of a city that shows itself in many aspects as a sublime work of art and talent, to be cherished in our hearts and to be told in our own words to those who have not yet seen it. Without doubts, when you come away from Lucca you are always richer than when you arrived.

In Lucca there are not simply people who live here, instead there are polite citizens that are an ornament to their city, so that visitors will feel at home in the same places where citizens live and meet. And visitors will experience walking through the city in a constant marvel of the beauty in front of your eyes: churches, palaces, towers, squares, streets and wonderful, unique green Walls, that, looking around, precede and follow us everywhere. So those who are looking for fences enclosing monumental celebrities where to pause to take photos, take ridiculous memorabilia and then go for other caravanserais, will be disappointed. There is little or nothing at all for conventional visits; instead, there is a lot, everything, which will tempt you to stay one more day in Lucca.