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Advent is the liturgical period that precedes Christmas. The Latin word "adventus" means "coming". Lucca is preparing to welcome the birth of the Lord with many traditions and typical local customs.

In the program on Sunday 6 December

Online streaming on YouTube Live Love Lucca | I giorni dell'Avvento - Musica e poesia (The Advent season - Music and poetry. Cribs and nativity in local works of art. The nativity scene in the Church of Santa Maria Corte Orlandini, The Nativity by Nicola Pisano in the atrium of the Cathedral, The Holy Family in the Oratory of the Guardian Angels and others will be presented.

In programma oggi, domenica 6 dicembre

Streaming online sul canale YouTube Live Love Lucca | I giorni dell'Avvento - Musica e poesia. Christmas themes in the works of the great composers of Lucca and in poems. Musical accompaniment of young artists from Lucca.

November 29 / December 20, 2020
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Online streaming on YT Live Love Lucca
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