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V edition of Puccini Chamber Opera, the only festival in the world dedicated to contemporary operas, with talented musicians and opera projects by young artists selected during the Puccini International Opera Composition Course.

The opera of the present event is renewed with opera performances at the San Girolamo Theater and two special meetings with world premieres at the Symphony School. An intense journey to discover the "state of the art" of musical creativity applied to the most Italian and international of musical genres: opera.

Scheduled on Saturday 28 May

5:00 pm - San Girolamo Theater | Opera Sospesa
La Santa Panciera, for soprano and piano. Andrea Gerratana, music; Leonardo De Santis, libretto; Matteo Corati, director.                        
Anniliazione, for soprano, video and live elettronics. Eduardo Vella, music; Luigi Esposito, libretto; Girolamo Deraco, director.                        
Tinnitus, for female voice and electronics. Silvia Berrone, music; Vernante Pallotti, libretto; Maria Elena Romanazzi, director.                       

Maria Elena Romanazzi, soprano; Giovanni Vitali, piano; Alberto Gatti, sound designer.



April 24 / June 7, 2022
Start / End Time
5:00 pm
San Girolamo theater - Lucca
€ 8,00. Concessions available.

CLUSTER - Associazione di Compositori Lucca 
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