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1st edition of the Organ festival - Organi in città e in periferia, dedicated to the rich artistic-musical and organ heritage of Lucca and its churches, with young musicians and established soloists.

Scheduled on Sunday 24 April

9.00 pm - Cathedral of San Martino | Opening concert by Juan Paradell-Solé, emeritus organist of the liturgical celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff and of the Sistine Pontifical Music Chapel in the Vatican.

Juan Paradell-Solé, organ.
Music by Franck, Torres, Bach, Callaerts, Carol, Manari.

Reservations are required at tel. + 39 347 7816372 or on Eventbrite 



April 24 / October 8, 2022
Start / End Time
9:00 pm
San Martino cathedral - Lucca
Free admission

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