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The Settembre lucchese is a program of events in September in Lucca with traditional fairs and markets since ancient times. Already in the Middle Ages, several fairs were held during local festivals and the rulers granted exemption from duties and taxes thus making the prices of the goods more convenient. This privilege created a great number of buyers, even from neighboring countries, attracted by the possibility of saving money and making good deals.
The autumn fairs were also an opportunity to sell the last products while waiting for winter.

The concerned areas of the September fairs are: Piazza Napoleone, Borgo Giannotti, Foro Boario and the Tagliate area. On the days of fair, the Luna Park starts its rides from 6:00 pm.

Sunday 19 September

9:00 am / 7:00 pm - Borgo Giannotti, Via Passaglia, Via delle Tagliate III and parking, Piazzale don Baroni | Borgo Giannotti fair.

The events are included in the Settembre lucchese 2021 program.




September 2021
Start / End Time
9:00 am / 7:00 pm
Borgo Giannotti - Lucca
Free admission

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