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Everyone knows the life and operas of Giacomo Puccini. But how much do you know about his multifaceted skills as a creator, playwright, set designer and director, and above all of the importance of his stagings?
The answers are in the book by Paola Massoni entitled Giacomo Puccini. Nato per il teatro. Presentation on Saturday 18 September at Villa Bottini, Piano Nobile.

The book is entirely dedicated to the multifaceted figure of Puccini as a creator, screenwriter, set designer, director and visionary.
Guests together with the author Paola Massoni: Gabriella Biagi Ravenni, musicologist; Enrico Stinchelli, opera director and artistic director of the Teatro Verdi in Pisa; Daniele Luti, literary critic.

The readings alternate with music by a chamber ensemble consisting of soprano, tenor, piano, violin and cello.

The event is included in the Settembre lucchese 2021 program.

September 18, 2021
Start / End Time
Villa Bottini. Via Elisa, 9 - Lucca
Free admission

Accademia Kalliope
Via delle Forbici, 33 - loc. Colle di Compito. Capannori (LU) - FB / AccademiaKALLIOPE
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