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11th edition of the GP Terre di Canossa, an exciting journey through food and wine and traditional recipes and creativity of the best star chefs, with exclusive events in unique locations such as the historic center and the city wall of Lucca and Forte dei Marmi on the Versilia coast, which will welcome the crews passing by and stop in the historic center and the seafront.
A challenging international classic regularity race, with 60 time trials and 6 average trials, along a 600 km route for historic cars from 1919 to 1976, 2 special trophies: the Forte dei Marmi Trophy and the Tricolore Trophy, reserved to non-"professional" drivers, with a special ranking dedicated to pre-war cars, the "Pre-War Cup", Maserati and Ferrari until 1990, Maserati and Ferrari from 1991, included in the rear of the event, with a special "modern car" ranking.

The crews, coming from Forte dei Marmi, will pass through Lucca on Saturday 22nd of May.

8:30 am the crews start from Forte dei Marmi for the second stage towards Massa and Carrara, Passo del Vestito, Garfagnana, Lucca and Mount Serra.
From 3.00 pm passage to Piazza Anfiteatro, in the center of Lucca, and stop in Piazza Napoleone. Parade on the ancient walls, a UNESCO heritage site.


20 / 23 May, 2021
Start / End Time
3:00 pm / 5:00 pm
Piazza Napoleone / Lucca old town center
Free admission

Scuderia Tricolore Asd
Viale Magenta 1/d, Reggio Emilia - FB / terredicanossa
Tel. +39 052 2441632 - +39 348 2329107 -