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AmaTeatro is a longstanding and prestigious festival of the local amateur theater companies in Lucca realised thanks to the collaboration between the City of Lucca and the Nando Guarnieri Theater Association.
A quality program representing one of the most important cultural events in the city.

Scheduled on Saturday 8 January

9:00 pm - Idelfonso Nieri Theater | The artistic-cultural association Laboratorio Brunier presents C'era una volta la Vedova Allegra. Texts by Roberta Ceccotti. Directed by Matteo Micheli.

For information please call +39 388 8338259 or write to

December 19, 2021 / January 23, 2022
Start / End Time
9:00 pm
Idelfonso Nieri theater. P.zza del Popolo, 56 - Ponte a Moriano
€ 5,00 / € 10,00

Associazione Teatrale Nando Guarnieri
Vicolo Buatino di Borgo Giannotti, 23 - Lucca
cell. +39 388 8338259 -