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Lucca Biennale - paper | art | design

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Tradition, culture, innovation, sustainability: these are the keywords of Lucca Biennale, the largest event in the world on art, design and architecture dedicated to paper and its forms, an open-air exhibition where artists compete in the production of large-scale paper works, in close collaboration with the manufacturing companies. Important companies spread throughout the Lucca area, characterized by this production since the early 1300s.

Lucca Biennale is, therefore, a city, a territory and its excellence, told by artists through its main product, paper. Each square or urban space is adopted in union by a renowned artist and a paper company. The first offers creativity, the second patronage, sponsorship and support.

In addition to indoor and outdoor installations, exhibitions, events, conferences, workshops and performances dedicated to the world of paper create a rich calendar of initiatives throughout the month of the Biennale.
The world of paper is also expressed through many events, and therefore the calendar of the Biennale is full of unmissable events for adults, but without forgetting the educational part, aimed at the world of children.

An initiative that animates the city of Lucca in the summer months allowing visitors to experience and discover the artistic and technological facets of the Lucca paper tradition, through a series of events designed for all types of guests, from art lovers to the curious who want a culturally rewarding alternative experience.

Place: Palazzo Ducale and old town

Address: Cortile Carrara, 1

Dates: July - September


Telefono: 0583 928354

Web Site:


Associazione Culturale Metropolis
Viale Giovanni Pacini, 75
tel. 0583 928354 -