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The Amici della musica “Alfredo Catalani” association restarts with concerts together with the "“Festival Musicale di Massaciuccoli". Three vocal and instrumental concerts with particular and rare performance repertoires are organized during the summer period.

In the program on Thursday 6 August

9.15 pm - Park of the hotel Le Rotonde - Massaciuccoli | From Mozart to Webern. Instrumental concert for string quartet with the "Guadagnini Quartet". Music by Mozart, Catalani, Webern. Concert based on musical modernism up to the sounds of the so-called historical twentieth century.

Reservations are required by phone at +39 347 9951581 or by e-mail to Seats will be pre-assigned. Once the concert has started, access to the hall is not allowed.

June 26 / August 28, 2020
Start / End Time
21:15 / 23:30
Hotel Le Rotonde. Via del Porto - Massaciuccoli (LU)
Admission free

Circolo "Amci della Musica Alfredo Catalani"
Via A. Catalani, 8 - Porcari (LU)
Sala Catalani c/o San Luca Palace Hotel
Via San Paolino - FB / circoloamicialfredocatalani
Cell. +39 347 9951581 -