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OPEN is a festival presenting a rich concert season including performances, masterclasses, conferences, seminars and workshops organized by the "L. Boccherini" Institute, with the participation of internationally renowned artists, prestigious collaborations and the presentation of new talents.

Scheduled on Monday 2 May 

4:00 pm - Auditorium del Suffragio | Backstage of a composer, meeting with Fabio Frizzi.
Conversation with the author who composed soundtracks of some of the most famous cult movies of Italian and International cinema, from Fantozzi to Kill Bill vol. 1. 

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January / October 2022
Start / End Time
4:00 pm
Auditorium del Suffragio. Piazza del Suffragio, 6 - Lucca
Free admission

Istituto Musicale L. Boccherini
Piazza del Suffragio, 6 - Lucca
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