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Double appointment with star oberservation in the river park at the Albogatti farmhouse at the Sere d'estate agli Albogatti festival. A great experience living the emotion of the sky constellations in two meetings about the universe.

In the program on Saturday 5 September

9.00 pm - Fattoria degli Albogatti. Via del Callarone - Lucca | L’acqua nel Sistema Solare (Water in the Solar System). Stories, anecdotes and curiosities about water on the planets that orbit our star. Curated by Andrea Pacifici.

Reservations required. For information and reservations: or Paola (+39 366 1758719) or Irene (+39 328 0371174). Possibility of aperitif and light dinner.

July 11/ September 5, 2020
Start / End Time
21:00 / 23:00
Fattoria degli Albogatti. Via del Callarone, 350 - Lucca
Admission free

Associazione di promozione sociale Percorso in fattoria
Via Santa Gemma Galgani, 19 - Lucca - FB / albogattifattoriaurbana - IG / albogatti_
tel. +39 366 1758719 -