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Farmer's Market Foro Boario

market day at Foro Boario in Lucca


Where: Foro Boario, Via per Camaiore, 125
When: ogni sabato, ore 7:00 - 13:00;
In summertime even wednsdays h 7:00 - 13:00

FB / Mercato Contadino di Lucca

The nineteenth-century location of Foro Boario hosts the first farmers' market in Lucca which is organised on Saturdays and, in the summer period, also on Wednesdays. The area is located near the San Quirico bridge, where the roads coming from the Garfagnana valley and the Versilia coast once converged and where the seasonal markets were held.

A stone's throw from the river park, the farmers' market is an excellent occasion to stock up on supplies before a bike ride with a picnic, or to try some products for local cuisine.

There are about twenty local farmers for all kinds of food products, including a stall of fresh fish from nearby Versilia and the florist's counter with seasonal flowers that should never be missing on a cheerful and inviting table.

The farmer's market is the best place to find typical, traditional and local products, and above all in season, but also suggestions and recipes directly from the producers and from locals who regular clients of the market.

The short supply chain of the area of Lucca is well represented by this high level product quality market. An opportunity for a direct meeting between consumers and producers in the name of well-being based on the sale of local first choice products.

Here you can find the traditional "rapini" in winter not to be confused with turnip greens and cardoons, in spring the "priest's beards" and even wild herbs to prepare the legendary "garmugia" soup made of lean, asparagine and fresh artichokes, in summer the juicy "slow food presidium" Canestrino tomato and red beans of Lucca in the beginning of autumn.

To complete the menu, fresh and aged cheeses and ricotta for the "gnudi", honey, salami and, of course, fresh white and full-bodied red wine from the hills around Lucca to accompany the food and the excellent extra virgin olive oil perfectly matching with any product!