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Risorgimento Museum



ADDRESS: Cortile degli Svizzeri, 6 Lucca


tel: 0583 417256



The Museo del Risorgimento (Risorgimento Museum) is located in the historic center of Lucca, in some rooms of Palazzo Ducale overlooking Cortile degli Svizzeri.

After the end of the First World War, veterans from the city and province began to collect and preserve historical objects and materials in memory of Lucca community's participation in the events of Risorgimento, until its completion in 1915-18.

The interesting exhibition allows visitors to learn and rediscover the local and national facts and events of this century of Italian history that led to the origin of the Nation.

On display are everyday objects, paintings, letters, clothing (the red jacket of Garibaldian officer Tito Strocchi from Lucca), weapons and memorabilia, including the precious 1821 Carbonari flag that flew during the Five Days of Milan in 1848.

The museum is enriched by an immersive video room, where it is possible to see and listen to an evocative and exciting tale, fictional but faithful to historical facts, about the daily lives of three characters who intertwined their stories with the events of Italian unification and the deeds of the fathers of the Fatherland.