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Routes for everybody

Lucca is open to everyone!

We do anything is possible to make our city accessible and welcoming to all visitors.
Some accessible paths allow to reach most part of the historic centre safe and independently.

walkway at the botanical garden


Didascalia: Accessible path in the Botanical Garden of Lucca

The routes are available in all access areas of the city:

In the east, the route starts from Porta Elisa and reaches Piazza Antelminelli, near the Cathedral of San Martino. It leads to Villa Bottini and after passing through Porta San Gervasio along Via dei Fossi, you arrive at piazza Santa Maria Bianca, cross Piazza Bernardini and finally reach the Cathedral.

In the central area the tour continues from Piazza Antelminelli to Piazza San Giovanni where you can visit the archaeological excavations.

In the south, from the train station the accessible route to the city centre passes through Porta San Pietro and reaches Piazza San Giovanni.

From the north the access is from Porta Santa Maria and reaches the heart of Lucca with a path called "ruota libera" (free wheels) leading to the most important and attractive monuments of the city: the church of San Frediano, Piazza Anfiteatro, the church of San Michele, the Giacomo Puccini Museum, the church of San Paolino, the Mint Museum, the cathedral of San Martino, the Museum of the cathedral.

Le Mura per tutti is a project that allows blind persons to visit the historic walls by their own with a special program for Android devices.

In the Botanical Garden of Lucca there are particular sensory paths to get information by touching, smelling and listening. With the help of special panels you can learn more about the garden's centenary trees and the stories of everyday aromas. A special path also allows people with mobility difficulties to hold on to a stable ground and move independently.

All routes have been structured to guarantee accessibility to explore the history and culture of the city through the construction of ramps in order to eliminate architectural barriers and with the participation of the Associations supporting disabled citizens.

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