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NB! Until 8 May 2024, bikes in the bike sharing service can be used in free flow mode outside the city walls, i.e. without the limits of virtual stations.


400 eBikes and 100 Lite bikes are available 24 hours a day in the bike park of the bike sharing service!




The bikes

The bikes are available in a muscle or e-bike version.
Both types feature a solid and practical design with aluminium frame, an adjustable saddle and a basket.
They are equipped with GPS and a patented 'smart lock', which is unlocked and locked by exchanging information between the bike and the application.



How does the bike sharing service work?

Bike sharing works through the RideMovi application, which makes it easy to locate.

- available bikes and e-bikes
- dedicated parking spaces
- area where use is allowed


logo ridemovi

   App RideMovi on AppStore

   App RideMovi on Google Play




The service is chargeable. There are promotional launch rates and subscriptions in an area of approximately 10 km from the city centre.
On the display you will have all the information you need to create your account, select your bike on the map, start the service and unlock your bike, end the service and pay.


How much does it cost?


1 euro at unlocking + 0.15 euro per minute;


free unlocking + 0.75 euro every 20 minutes).
Consumer tariffs and subscriptions:


Unlocking 1 euro + 0.25 euro per minute
minute packages: 25 minutes / €4.99; 45 minutes / €7.99; 90 minutes / €14.99.
MoviPrime: 12.99 euros / 1 month, free unlocking + 1.50 euros / 15 minutes.


free unlocking + 20 minutes / €1.25  
subscriptions: 1 month / 12.99 euros ; 3 months / 29.99 euros ; 12 months / 71.99 euros ;
MoviPrime: 12.99 euros / 1 month, free unlock + 0.50 euros / 120 minutes




Parking spots

Over the entire territory 153 parking spots are active to offer parking possibilities in every area of the city and its suburbs, where bicycles can be picked up and dropped off at virtual stations identified by GPS positioning systems and smartphones with which the service is activated and terminated.


28 in the immediate vicinity of the City Walls
25 inside the City Walls 
100 in the rest of the urban area, near strategic points such as bus stops or railway stations.


Bicycles can circulate freely within the operating area, highlighted on the map on the RideMovi App.
It is also possible to use the service outside the operational area, as long as the ride ends by returning the bike inside the operational area, or by ending the ride at one of the hubs outside the operational area.


info: RideMovi