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the crib created by E. Taddeucci

Cribs artists wanted

Create your own transportable crib.


Christmas is approaching and, with all necessary precautions in this period, the nativity scene tour is organised.

For years the Choir "Il Baluardo" has been organising a small "competition" between cribs, challenging them in the creation of small portable cribs for the Christmas holidays. The exhibition of the participating nativity scenes and the votes are hosted every year in the baroque church of Santa Maria Corteorlandini, in the historic center of Lucca, where a precious 17th century nativity scene is traditionally set up with great characters and dresses in refined ancient fabrics.

This year we will not travel a lot, but the Association will not give up and opens participation to everyone through a digital and shared exhibition.

From 12 December until the end of the year, it will be possible to participate with your own handmade nativity scene simply by sending 6 photos of your creation accompanied by your photo, name surname place of residence, title of the work (optional), short description of the nativity scene (materials used, creative ideas etc. etc.).

The photos will be published on a page dedicated to transportable cribs  on the association's website 

You can participate with one or more cribs in this virtual exhibition without any competition, just in the name of sharing your passion. The cribs presented this year will then be physically exhibited in the 2021/2022 exhibition (as usual, a maximum size of 100cmx100cm is required).

For the participants having problems to keep their crib at home, the Association will offer the possibility to take care of their creations until next year, keeping them in a dedicated room in the church of Santa Maria Nera which hosts the competing cribs every year.

The photos of your nativity scenes can be sent to the e-mail address (preferable for the quality of the image) or whatsapp to the number +39 348 2334867 which you can also be used for information.

Have fun by creating your own nativity scene and Happy Christmas holidays to everyone!

in the photo the crib by E. Taddeucci