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Dante 700

Throughout Italy and the world Dante's genius is remembered this year with particular love and attention as it is the seven hundredth anniversary of the Supreme Poet's death.

Dante travelled and lived in different places like Florence, Verona and Ravenna, where he stayed until his death. But he also lived in Rome, Arezzo, Pisa, Bologna, Forlì ... and probably even in Lucca, mentioned several times in the Divine Comedy not only with words of appreciation, but he certainly knew the Serchio river, the city wall, and a series of local characters met during his journey.



In the first hours of the morning the sun is rising in the constellation of Aries. It is the period of the spring equinox, when the sun rises and sets at the same time in all places of the earth marking the climatic moment of the rebirth of nature.

Dante sets out on a journey, he will descend to hell and finally return "to see the stars" and beyond: it is March 25, DanteDì, the national Dante Alighieri Day.


Sunrise - dante 700


at 12:00 pm Marco Brinzi, actor and film director reads and comments on Dante on the website and on FB / Biblioteca Civica Agorà with the official hashtag # Dantedì and #IoleggoDante.

at 5:00 pm - Poesia della luce e delle tenebre nella Commedia di Dante with prof. Fabio Greco, live online from the Lucca State Library, and on YT / Amici del Machiavelli.


Travelling in the Comedy

From Hell to Paradise, from the streets to the squares of villages and cities of Italy, the itinerant shows within the Comedy.


poster with marco Brinzi - dante 700


On July 17 and 18 from 9.30 pm at the San Romano Auditorium, Via Dantis is on stage, a multimedia theatre performance with a giant video projection of the Dante tables by Gustave Doré. The show is a journey through the entire poem of Christianity from the "dark forest" to the "visio Dei". An Odyssey on the edge of the Divine Comedy, unique in the centuries-old history of lectura dantis.
By Mirco Manuguerra (Centro Lunigianese di Studi Danteschi). With Marco Balma and Matteo Ridolfi, Compagnia degli Evasi. Music by Franz Liszt. Directed by Simone Del Greco.
For Info and reservations: cell: +39 333 9771749 - VivaTicket / ViaDantis

Onn July 21 from 6.00 pm the Naufraghi Inversi, narrators of ItinerDante, will be in Piazza Scarpellini.
ItinerDante, is a path of 700 kilometers reciting the Divine Comedy through the streets and squares of 7 regions, touching the main cultural places of Italy in a suggestive union between poetry, art and reflection on contemporary life, demonstrating the importance of the work that, after 700 years, is still a more than realistic image of the world.
With Eugenio Di Fraia, Riccardo Sozzi and Maria Vittoria Casarotti Todeschini. Live music by Angelo Marrone.

On September 18, ApeDante, a traveling theater created by the If Prana company. The apeDante moves from the Civic Center La Scuola in the Piaggione area to reach the Bucaneve Center in Santa Maria a Colle and the courtyard of the Agorà Civic Library, in the center of Lucca. This time Dr. Balanzone (Marco Brinzi) and Arlecchino (Caterina Simonelli), two figures of the commedia dell’arte, ironically dialogue about the relationship between the city of Lucca and Dante with the support and involvement of the audience.


if you also want a guide...

take advantage of the guided tours in the city and in the countryside, on Dante's footsteps with professional tour and environmental guides.


vegetation along the Serchio river - guided tours dante 700

on July 26 at 9.00 pm appointment in Piazza degli Scalpellini for a walk with the author of the book Lucca all'Inferno. (with 34 canti written in local dialect by Viviani) in the places that the poet, who probably lived for a couple of years in Lucca, after his undeserved exile, mentions in the Divine Comedy.
For info and reservations: A spasso con l'Anna mob. +39 347 6960039

on August 29, however, at 9:00 pm from the Lucca railway station you can follow Dante's footsteps in Lucca.
Santa Zita, the Volto Santo, Gentucca and many others: the Supreme Poet mentions Lucca and characters linked to the city several times in his work. Unusual guided tour of the city on the trail of the Divine Comedy to celebrate the 700th anniversary of Dante's death.
Reservations required: in viaggio con Tessa +39 339 8806229

from June 2 to September 30 the environmental guides of Emozionambiente propose three tours on the hills around the Piana di Lucca, along the Serchio river and ... at the table, inspired by the Divine Comedy and from the citations of places and characters.
Per la dannosa colpa de la gola is a historic dinner set in Campo Romano. After a pleasant excursion between beautiful olive groves, traditional delicacies with an antique taste, evoking the atmosphere of castles, ladies and knights. And who knows ... maybe during the succulent historical banquet the Supreme poet arrives.

Qui si nuota altrimenti che nel Serchio!  A land rich in medieval history: the border between the towns of Pisa and Lucca. The Ripafratta castle, in the Pisa area, and the Nozzano castle, on the other bank of the river, in the territory of Lucca where you can listen to the famous verses concerning the terrible punishment reserved for barterers.

...per che i pisani veder Lucca non ponno ... Ring route from San Giuliano Terme, through beautiful olive groves to the ruins of the so-called "Casa del Polacco", the illustrious nineteenth-century scientist Sigismondo de Bosniaski and to "Passo di Dante ", where you will hear the terrible story of Count Ugolino and his children's death in the Torre della Muda.
For Info and reservations (required): Emozionambiente - cell. +39 329 3618235


celestial harmonies and Lucca Classica Music


Great music and live concerts in different places with more than 40 events in the 7th edition of the Lucca Classica Music Festival, scheduled for July and August. As usual, particular birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated within the festival program. Here are the appointments entitled Dante 700 "Come se a nessuno toccasse altro la mente..."


concert on the occasion of dante 700 - Lucca Classica


On Wednesday 21 July at 6.00 pm at the San Francesco church open rehearsal with the "L. Boccherini" ISSM Women's Orchestra and Choir. Sara Matteucci, choir director; GianPaolo Mazzoli, conductor. Music by F. Liszt from the concert to be held on Thursday 22 July at 9.15 pm at the Auditorium of the Boccherini Music Institute.

On Thursday 22 July at 6:00 pm at the San Micheletto Complex, book presentation Dante in Lucca by Alberto Casadei (Ed. Maria Pacini Fazzi).

on 9 July at 6:00 pm and 9:15 pm at the ISSM Auditorium and on 25 July at 9:15 pm in Piazza Aldo Moro in Capannori, Ti racconto Dante. The Divine Comedy and the extraordinary life of Dante Alighieri told to children and adults with music. Alessio Puccio, narrator; Quintet Lucensis; Rossana Pansani, flute; Nicola Bimbi, oboe; Emanuele Gaggini, clarinet; Daniele Tambellini, oboe; Massimo Marconi, horn. Illustrations by Nereide Geraci. Music by J. S. Bach, B. Smetana, J. Williams, S. Prokofiev.

On Friday 27 August at 9.15 pm in the Auditorium Istituto Musicale Boccherini the concert Intelletto d'amore e altre bugie, a project in collaboration with Andrea Camilleri. The writer's voice accompanies the concert with his personal reflections about love inspired by Dante's poetry.
Michele Marco Rossi, cello; Paolo Aralla, electronics. Music by Giovanni Sollima, Anonimo Medievale, Paolo Aralla, Hildegard von Bingen, Marin Marais, Fabrizio De Andrè.

On Saturday 28 August at 9.15 pm at the Auditorium of the ISSM Boccherini, a concert that takes the audience back to the music of Dante's time. Curated by Oreste Bossini. Music of the XII-XIV century with Concentus Lucensis.


...and the arts


On September 25 at 10:00 am, the exhibition Dante 7 volte 100 opens at Villa Bottini,  curated by Stefano Giraldi, as a tribute to the great poet and his Divine Comedy in the 700th anniversary of his death. Bruno Bozzetto, Sergio Staino, Lido Contemori, Bruno Cannucciari, Marco De Angelis and many other contemporary artists for a tribute to Dante on the 700th anniversary of his death. A funny and interesting journey dedicated to the great poet. Bernardi Guardi, will present his book Toscani all’inferno, and Giancarlo Gori in the role of Dante, will read some canti from hell.
The exhibition will be open until 3 October.
For info: Cultural Association LuccAutori tel. +39 0584 651874

Other events and offers in Lucca and Tuscany on Visittuscany / la Toscana di Dante