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entrance arch of the Piazza Anfiteatro in Lucca

An invitation to Lucca


Free guided tours (in Italian language) throughout the summer.
Last school days, first vacation days. Here are some ideas to “get in touch” with the summer holidays, an invitation to visit the city together, guests and local tourists to share a different view in a holiday mood on everyday landscapes.

The guided tours of the venerdìsabato&domenica program are followed, throughout the summer, by free guided tours in the weekend at the Nottolini aqueduct and the fountains of the historic center, on Fridays with music at the Oratory of the Guardian Angels, on Sundays at the museum complex of San Francesco and on Thursday nights with the program Notti lucchesi in giro per la città.


The Oratory of the Guardian Angels


Oratory of the Guardian Angels - detail of a painting


a small baroque jewel in the heart of the city with frescoes and paintings entirely dedicated to the story of the angels and their protection of humans represented in different occasions.
The visit includes a short final performance with organ and soprano music.

After a long restoration it is open to the public again since last year, and it can be visited by reservation (limited admission) every Friday at 7:00 pm / 8:00 pm / 9:00 pm by booking at: Turislucca tel. +39 0583 342404 or +39 348 3828294 or by sending an e-mail to


The Nottolini aqueduct


Naiad Fountain in piazza san Salvatore in Lucca


it is, besides the Renaissance walls, the best known monument of the Lucca countryside. Inside the city, many drinking water and decorative fountains pour water of the Plain of Lucca appreciated by locals and visitors. This tour will help you to better understand the work of the great engineer Lorenzo Nottolini and the city’s connection with water by passing all the fountains and arriving at the tempietto di Valle monument, where the arches of the nineteenth-century aqueduct end.
The visit is free but a contribution of € 5.00 is required to support the project "Embrace the Nottolini aqueduct" for the restoration of the monument.

Visits are organized from 11 June to 19 September every Friday at 9:00 pm, on Saturdays at 5:30 pm and on Sundays at 9:30 am: for info and reservations please contact Turislucca tel. +39 0583 342404 or 348 3828294 or by sending an e-mail to


The San Francesco church


San Francesco church in Lucca


A Sunday afternoon in the company of archaeologists and art historians to discover eight centuries of history, important events that have changed the city, and the many surprising characters who rest inside the church of San Francesco in Lucca. The revolt of the beggars and the silk road, the exploits of the condottiere Castruccio Castracani, Lord of Lucca, the story of the beautiful Ilaria del Carretto, the memories of the great local musician Luigi Boccherini ...

Guided tours take place on Sundays at 5.00 pm. For info and reservations: Cooperativa Idea tel. +39 0583.490530 or e-mail
The San Francesco Convent can be visited for free on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm


Lucca nights touring around the city


panorama of lucca at night from the guinigi tower


From 1 July to 26 August, nine events for a total of 18 guided tours, 2 for each event that will allow you to discover curious stories and anecdotes related to the history, culture and architecture of the city to discover (or rediscover) Lucca, of its beauties and its thousand secrets. The former red-light district of the city, its brothels, sinful alleys and saunas; an intellectual itinerary through the names, the biography, anecdotes of native or adopted writers and printers of Lucca. A taste of local food, innovations and crafts of medieval Lucca, its infernal legends on the trail of inexplicable signs left by the devil as people say, but also the wall of Lucca, the Botanical Garden with guided tours also for the blind, the Nottolini aqueduct and many other monumental works.

For info and reservations (mandatory): from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm by calling +39 349 1332450 or 340 7806967 or by sending an e-mail to
The complete calendar on the website