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Brainfood in a new kind of event part of the Lucca Gustosa program, in its first edition, as well as of Anteprima Vini della Costa Toscana event where in the Hall of the great Crus of the Tuscan coast, 70 producers will offer over 300 labels for tasting.

A great chef, Cristiano Tomei, has been nominated for the artistic direction, together with a great pastry chef, Damiano Carrara, in a special collaboration with many guests welcomed by the journalist Eleonora Cozzella.

The table as a meeting place, knowledge and fun to discover unusual experiences and combinations.
Seven appointments, four on Sunday and three on Monday, around a table set up for creative tastings where you can feed your mind.


The table of CONDI_MENTI


An opportunity for discussion and exchange, just as happens around the table, with great talents in the kitchen, culture, typical Tuscan products at the table of Eleonora Cozzella and Cristiano Tomei and their guests.
Curated by Cristiano Tomei, with the participation of the pastry chef Damiano Carrara and a presentation by the journalist Eleonora Cozzella.


Sunday 12 March

12:00 pm- Il diavolo e l’acqua santa: a tribute to the city of Lucca with the two chefs from Lucca

2:00 pm - Dolce_Mente: stimulating combinations of Damiano Carrara's pastry shop with wines from the Tuscan coast, where guests will be actively involved in the experience.

4:00 pm - Dai delitti del BarLume al cibo dei bar: the protagonist, together with Tomei, is the writer Marco Malvaldi, author of the famous series of detective stories for Sellerio set in a hypothetical Tuscan village.

6:00 pm - l’anima rock della cucina del sud, Gennaro Esposito, a two-star chef and famous on TV, will challenge Tomei in an exciting confrontation.


Monday 13 March


2:00 pm - Ci hai messo tutti in una rete: Gianfranco Pascucci, Michelin star, will talk about seafood cuisine;

4:00 pm - Michele Marcucci, owner of the homonymous wine shop in Pietrasanta, will talk about wine, food and hospitality,

6:00 pm - Pro_Fumo di cucina, closing with Errico Recanati, chef from Ancona and master of the use of embers.

Guests of the Table will be also the food and wine journalists Sara Favilla, Luca Ferrua, Leonardo Romanelli and the photographer Lido Vannucchi.

and much more...



a series of tastings of wines of the Tuscan coast combined with the excellence of the area: a large selection of cheeses, the butcher's products, the great classic bread and olive oil and, finally, ice cream between sweet and savory, together with food and wine on the floor noble.
Saletta Bianca_ Marovelli Gran Selezione
Saletta Rossa _ Giovanni e le fantasie del norcino
Saletta Gialla _ Il pane, l’olio e il vino
Saletta Rosa_ Più di un gelatiere 



the restaurants Mecenate, Gli Orti, Osteria Dal Manzo, SurReale and Osteria di Lammari will present a tribute to the products of the area with tastings of unedited recipes by the chefs.
by FIPE Ristoratori Confcommercio Lucca:


Lucca, Real Collegio. Opening hours 11:00 am-7:00 pm
The entrance ticket entitles you to a free tasting in the producers' hall and to participate, subject to reservation until seats last, at the Condi_Menti table upon reservation at 
Concessions are available for: sommeliers, agricultural and oenology students, Anteprima Wine Club members.
Possibility of accreditation for free admission for operators in the sector.
Information and tickets:


CRISTIANO TOMEI. At the end of the 90s Cristiano Tomei made a one-way ticket for a journey into the lands of taste, flavours, stories of food and eating. He is self-taught: a graduate of the Nautical Institute, he trained by helping in family lunches and traveling with surfer friends, explored the markets, taverns and gourmet restaurants of Spain, Cuba, Peru, Madagascar and India. He opened his first restaurant at the age of 27 directly on the beach and then moved it to the center of Viareggio and finally to Lucca, where he earned his first Michelin star in 2014. He loves local raw materials: fish from the Tyrrhenian Sea; meat, dairy products, fruit and vegetables from the Garfagnana area, the herbs, berries and wild flowers that he collects in the pine forest and in the meadows that he has frequented since he was a child. On television – from “La prova del cuoco” to “Masterchef Magazine” – he was a judge of “I re della griglia” and of “Cuochi D'Italia” of which he was also the host. At his restaurant L'Imbuto" the Chef's surprises are renewed every day, and they are unpredictable. His wine cellar is constantly in search of stimulating labels, unique vintages and vignerons dedicated to biodynamics. Since 2019 Cristiano has been the Executive Chef of the Hotel Bauer in Venice and since 2021 of the Terraforte restaurant inside the Castello del Terriccio, in the heart of Tuscany.

The event is included in the Anteprima Vini della Costa Toscana program, with the support of the North-West Tuscany Chamber of Commerce and the City of Lucca as part of the Lucca Gustosa festival.