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Lucca-Trek - the acqueduct route

Routes through the nature and landscapes of the Lucca area


luccatrek - via degli acquedotti


The Aqueduct Route

Along the ancient routes that fed Lucca and its Plain

A fascinating walking route near Lucca just over 20 km long, a journey through the centuries-old history of the walled city and the majesty of engineering in the period between the late 16th and early 19th centuries. This unique route winds through enchanting landscapes such as the Golden Words site, offering walkers an unforgettable experience combining architecture, history and natural beauty.

It is so called because it follows the tracks of the Nottolini Aqueduct of Lucca, built by the engineer after whom it is named on the initiative of Duchess Maria Luisa of Bourbon, and the older Medici Aqueduct of Pisa, thus connecting the territory of Lucca to that of the leaning tower.

Perfectly preserved, the Lucchese aqueduct supplied water from the springs that flowed from the nearby Serra Vespaiata hills and the streams of Rio San Quirico and Rio della Valle.

No longer in operation, these spectacular water systems dating back to different periods offer the opportunity to walk through history while discovering the beautiful landscapes of the Tuscan countryside.


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