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Lucca-Trek - Among castles and fortresses

Routes through the nature and landscapes of the Lucca area


luccatrek - tra castelli e fortificazioni, mappa


Between Castles and Fortifications

Ancient testimonies in the borderland between the Republics of Lucca and Pisa

Immersed in an evocative natural setting on the outskirts of Lucca, on the border between two historic cities, a land of ancient rivalries, ancient fortifications stand out among the hills or make their way through the vegetation. They are not only witnesses to a millennial history, but also majestic architectural icons embraced by the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Placed in defence of their respective and historical republics, there are numerous towers and fortresses scattered over the hills, erected with the aim of controlling the territory. The evocative Castle of Nozzano, an outpost built on the south-western border to counter attacks from the Pisan area, in particular from Ripafratta, a fortified village of medieval origin overlooking the Serchio River, is one of the best preserved examples.

In the woods and on the slopes of Monte Pisano, on the other hand, you can discover the fascinating ruins of Castelpasserino, a stronghold destroyed during the Middle Ages, and the Torre dell'aquila or Torre segata.


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