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Lucca-Trek - L'Oltreserchio

Routes through the nature and landscapes of the Lucca area


luccatrek -  mappa dell'Oltreserchio


The Oltreserchio


A pleasant countryside enlivened by hills that host villages and ancient buildings

Nestled between the city of Lucca and the province of Pisa, the Oltreserchio is a land that is a prelude to the contiguous Media Valle del Serchio as far as nature and biodiversity are concerned, rich in greenery but also in unexpected historical and religious treasures. It lies on the orographic right of the third longest river in Tuscany, the Serchio, and is home to castles, Carthusian monasteries and buildings of particular value, as well as offering pleasant walks in the countryside and panoramic excursions during which you can also see the peaks of the Apuan Alps and the Ligurian Sea.

Nozzano with its perfectly preserved castle, the small but suggestive village of Chiatri immersed in the hills dear to the great Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, the Certosa di Farneta, the immense monastery embraced behind it by luxuriant woods, are just some of the precious gems of this area waiting to be discovered on the occasion of some out-of-town excursion or as an unmissable stage of broader itineraries in the Lucca area.


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