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Lucca-Trek - the Monte Pisano

Routes through the nature and landscapes of the Lucca area


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The Monte Pisano

A small mountain range rich in biodiversity and breathtaking views

With its alternation of verdant woods and barren, wild landscapes, Monte Pisano stands as a natural sentinel between the coastal plain and the hinterland. This small mountain system, steeped in history and enveloped in unspoilt beauty, offers a unique experience for those who wish to immerse themselves in nature just a few kilometres from the historic centre of Lucca.

A chain that is part of the Tuscan sub-Apennines, Monte Pisano, otherwise known by its plural name Monti Pisani, is radiated by a capillary network of trails that allow one to enjoy natural panoramas stretching as far as the sea, for outdoor days of trekking and mountain biking.

With the summit of Monte Serra, it reaches its highest altitude at just over 900 metres above sea level, a modest but perfect altitude for small, big backpacking adventures or on two wheels. Among its attractions are the Dante Pass with the bust of the Supreme Poet and Monte Cotrozzi and its rupestrian engravings. Not only nature, the Monte Pisano area also embraces ancient villages, from Compitese to Vorno with its villas, and historic residences in Gattaiola and Vicopelago.


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