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Lucca-Trek - Park of the river Serchio and Puccini cycle-pedestrian road

Routes through the nature and landscapes of the Lucca area


luccatrek - mappa del parco fluviale del Serchio e del percorso ciclopietonne Puccini


The River Park and the Puccini cycle path

A long protected route, suspended between the natural environment of the river and the history of the city

The Puccini Cyclo-pedestrian route, a superb itinerary that stretches for about 45 kilometres along the Serchio river, can be explored by bicycle or on foot among the magnificent colours and undulating landscapes of the river banks and the places associated with the great Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, born in Lucca in 1858.

The route winds through the natural and agricultural landscapes of the river park, an area of about 250 hectares used for outdoor activities of all kinds, from trekking to kayaking to simply relaxing along the river.

The itinerary connects the middle Serchio valley, where the famous Maestro's family originated, to Versilia, the place Puccini would later choose as his buen retiro, passing through Lucca, where the museum and the house where he was born are housed on the second floor of an ancient palace in the historic heart of the city of music. More precisely, the itinerary starts in Ponte a Moriano, crosses some of Lucca's most picturesque countryside and ends near Lake Massaciuccoli, a peaceful landscape that was a great source of inspiration for Puccini.


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