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Lucca-Trek - Santa Giulia route

Routes through the nature and landscapes of the Lucca area


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The Way of Santa Giulia

The lands of the Lucchesia region point of passage to the northern plains


History, spirituality and nature come together in this itinerary evocative of the transport of the relics of Santa Giulia that took place in the time of the Lombards. No less than 25 stages cross three regions and involve Lucca's most evocative lands, rich in historical and religious evidence.

Travelling along the roads and paths of the Cammino di Santa Giulia, one can appreciate ancient churches, monasteries and Romanesque parish churches of great charm, all dedicated to the martyr. Beginning in Livorno territory, the itinerary ploughs through the countryside of Lucca and the slopes of Monte Pisano, skirts the Rio San Quirico, crosses the fabulous site of the Parole d'Oro (Golden Words), so called by the local people because of a gold-coloured inscription on one of the characteristic small bridges, and then runs alongside the majestic Nottolini Aqueduct.

After passing the city of Lucca and its treasures and immersing itself in the nature of the Serchio river park, the itinerary turns towards the Apennine ridge with more challenging paths, following ancient directives that connected Lucca with the north of the peninsula.


Buti > Lucca 24 km
Lucca > Pizzorne Plateau 21 km


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