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The Puccini's museum, Celle di Pescaglia



ADDRESS: Via Meletoli Celle Puccini, Pescaglia Lucca

PHONE: 0583 467855 - 0583 359488 - 347 6746398 - 347 4226189



ORARI: il Museo Pucciniano di Celle è visitabile tutti i giorni con apertura su prenotazione


The Puccini's museum in Celle, real house-museum, is formed with seven rooms located on two floors. Inside, there are displayed photographs, autograph letters and musical manuscripts and precious objects belonging to the Master. Through these objects you can retrace his human and artistic vicissitudes. After entering in the large hall, used as an entrance, you can immediately feel the sensation to go into the story. The great Puccini's family tree and the portraits of ancestors (Giacomo senior, Antonio and Domenico), hang on the left wall, take us back in time and give us the right perception of being in the place where the long story started. Immediately after, the visitor's glance is drawn to the piano where Puccini composed part of “Butterfly”.

Over, hang on the wall, is exhibited the laurel wreath that Giacomo brought to the death-bed of his mother. It has been donated to him after the success of his first opera, “Le Villi”, staged for the first time at Dal Verme Theatre in Milan on 31 May 1884. In the hall, there are also the favorite armchair of Giacomo Puccini and the gramophone, that was donated to him by Thomas Alva Edison. Every year, in spring and summer, is mounted an theme exhibition.