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Ape Teatrale (Theater bee) comes from an idea by Marco Brinzi, produced by the Giglio theater in collaboration with the If Prana company and the Curia of Lucca. A bee's flight with theater performances throughout the historic center of Lucca and surroundings.

With Marco Brinzi and Caterina Simonelli, Ape Teatrale brings the "jokes" of two archetypal figures of the commedia dell'arte, Dottor Balanzone and Harlequin, to shared spaces of the city.

The two figures converse ironically on daily issues: the virus, social distance, necessary treatments.

Scheduled for this week-end:

Saturday September 5
6:00 pm - Piazza Anfiteatro;
7:30 pm - Piazza San Francesco.

Sunday September 6
6:30 pm - Baluardo San Salvatore;
9.00 pm - Ponte a Moriano, Piazza Nieri.

The event is included in the September Lucchese 2020 calendar.

September 5 / 12, 2020
Start / End Time
18:00 / 22:30

Azienda Teatro del Giglio - A.T.G.
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