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the wall of Lucca in autumn

sundays on the City Walls

The Wall of Lucca is one of the most popular places for locals and visitors at any hour of the day and night and in every season.

A walk before lunch on Sunday morning, a refreshing run in the evening after work, a romantic date under the magnolias, an aperitif at sunset, there is always a good reason to be there. In autumn, a great attraction is the sumptuous foliage that, from bulwark to bulwark, curtain to curtain, wraps the walls and the city in a warm embrace.

October is the month offering a great foliage show renewed every day with new shades from full green to yellow, turning into intense orange, red and gold.

So you will enjoy this unique "promenade" wrapped in the colors of autumn, 12 meters high with a walking path, taking unprecedented glimpses of the main monuments, the botanical garden with the stretch of water where the legend of the beauty of Lucida Mansi ended, the sober towers of the medieval walls, the chimney of the Tobacco Factory, the apse of the cathedral with its imposing bell tower and San Frediano, with a single view that also embraces the eighteenth-century Palazzo Pfanner with the garden, the unmistakable silhouette of the Guinigi tower with the plume of holm oaks on its top and the Clocktower with its fluttering wind vane.

To experience all this, we propose a cycle of guided tours above, below and around the wall of Lucca. 8 itineraries and a grand final for the occasion of the Urban Trekking event.

here is the programme


lion of the Roman period on the Wall of Lucca

Sunday 4th of October


LE 4 MURA DI LUCCA - The four walls of Lucca: (La Giunchiglia)
10:00 am - meeting place: church Della Rosa
History of the four city walls: from the Roman to the medieval period; from the fifteenth-century expansion to the Renaissance walls.

A DIFESA DELLA LIBERTA' - defending feedom (Lucca Info & Guide)
4:00 pm - meeting place: Piazza San Francesco
The Wall of Lucca in defense of freedom and custodians of silk art: a tour in the eastern area to discover the characteristic elements of the military fortification and of the district where silk processing boomed.



Porta San Gervasio of the medieval walls of Lucca



Sunday 11th of October

LUCCA 1504-1650 (La Giunchiglia)
10:00 am - meeting place: Porta San Pietro
History of the construction of the Wall of Lucca and the defensive system of the city.

PEREGRINANDO DALLE MURA AL VOLTO SANTO - pilgimage from the Walls to the Holy Face (Lucca Info&Guide)
4.00 pm - meeting place: piazza san Michele
The pilgrims route inside the walled city.


the lucca wall


Sunday 18th of October

IL VERDE DELLE MURA - All the green of the walls (La Giunchiglia)
10:00 am - meeting place: Porta S. Maria
From the trees on the walls to the lawns of the battlements, from the gardens built on the ramparts to those immediately behind the walls.

L'ACQUA E LE MURA - water and the city (Lucca Info&Guide)
4:00 pm - meeting place: piazzale Ricasoli
The history of the city's water supply explained through the history of the Walls in a pleasant walk.


the Wall of Lucca in autumn


Sunday 25th of October

LE MURA DALL'OTTOCENTO AD OGGI - the wall from the XIX century to today (La Giunchiglia)
10:00 am - meeting place: piazzale Verdi
History of the transformations on and around the Walls in the last two centuries: the "public promenade", the changes to the "tagliata", the new gates, the monuments on the ramparts.

GIARDINI POSSIBILI E IMPOSSIBILI - Possible and impossible gardens (Lucca Info&Guide)
4:00 pm - meeting place: Baluardo San Regolo
Possible and impossible gardens on and around the wall of Lucca.


foliage on the Wall of Lucca


Saturday 31st of October Urban trekking (notice: this event has been cancelled)

Botanical Garden of Lucca - Com'è verde la mia città . Tours to discover the largest urban park in Lucca.
at 6:00 pm
IL VERDE DELLE MURA (La Giunchiglia)
L'ACQUA E LE MURA (Lucca Info&Guide)
SOTTERRANEI guerra e pace - underground peace and war (Turislucca)

at 9:00 pm
LE MURA DALL'OTTOCENTO AD OGGI - the wall from the XIX to the XX century (La Giunchiglia)
SOTTERRANEI un viaggio nel tempo UNDERGROUND a journey in the past (Turislucca)
GIARDINI POSSIBILI E IMPOSSIBILI Possible and Impossible gardens in Lucca (Lucca Info&Guide)


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Visits are free and in Italian language.
The maximum number of participants is 20 per group.
Reservation required.

For info and reservations
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