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We know, this is not the right time for suitcases, trains and planes, the choice between a hotel or a B&B, but nothing prevents us from "traveling" together, while staying at home.

There are many great little things still to be discovered ... comfortably seated on your sofa.

On this page we will try to report the initiatives that from the buildings and streets of the city have moved  ... online. Events that now make us all citizens of the world and tourists at home.

Dear #touristsfromhome, get a seat and enjoy!


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this week...


L'arte dall'altra parte

#artdoesnotstop and moves from the san regolo barracks to the chatroom of the Artespressa Association.
As foreseen in the program, L'arte dall'altra parte - Interactive meetings - Art on the other side - A series of Interactive Meetings directly at your home.
On March 29, April 11, May 9 and 30, four meetings are organized with professionals to better understand how you can transform a passion into a job. The experts get involved, under the direction of Francesca Bernabei, by telling their experiences, explaining some technical aspects of their profession, but above all by showing that we never stop learning.


An invitation to theater 

The Giglio theater moves online with a new "social" program of activities scheduled for the next few weeks.
On Monday at 5:00 pm Gigliolab: si legge!  A section of fairy tales for the little ones, created thanks to the precious contribution of theater operators and friends.
On Wednesday, at 5:00 pm for the "Piazza del Giglio" series, appointment with the psychiatrist Enrico Marchi.
On Friday at 5:00 pm Le parole per pensare. This week the word is metroquadro (square meter). Everyone can participate by sending a short video on Whatsapp, to the number +39 349 8562191.


Racconti nella rete

The title of the well-known literary review is particularly suitable in this period, the prize goes online with meetings virtually hosting writers and screenwriters on the Facebook page
The live broadcasts are conducted by Demetrio Brandi and will go on for a few weeks to accompany the final stage of the 19th edition of the literary prize 
Monday 4 May Arturo Belluardo, Antonio Fresa, Elena Torre



The initiative #iomixodacasa launched by the Notte Bianca group which involves some of the most well-known DJs in the area of Lucca and created in collaboration with the Lucca Film Festival Europa Cinema. Every weekend the group, which involves 18 disc jockeys, will perform live on Facebook and Instagram on #nottebianca-iomixodacasa  to make fans move to the rhythm of music even from home. Since the live streaming is much appreciated by the web community, the initiative will continue every weekend.


and sport !!

also if only virtually for now, the friends of Muradiluccaparkrun organize the 6th edition of the virtual race with 5000 participants on the 16th century walls in 5000 sulle Mura del 500 and on Thursday,  bingo! 


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and every day ...



Are you sure you know every detail of Lucca, of its splendid hills, the paths crossing the plain of Lucca, the most appetizing recipes? You can test yourself. On FB Luccaturismo we publish unusual images of the most secret places in Lucca every day together with guided tours and the stories of the tourist guides of Lucca. Follow us!

You live in Lucca, but you don't have time for museum visits. You have already been to Lucca, but you would like to find a good reason to return. It's time to invite you on a discovery journey.

On the Turislucca You tube channel you can participate in guided tours of the most important monuments of the city and discover secret corners of the city to be visited next time feeling at ease like a real local.

A museum dedicated to the internal combustion engine... or a large aristocratic palace entirely decorated with ancient silks... the largest collection of Lombard pergolas in the world... or a small museum run by enthusiastic young people... on our You Tube channel Turismo.Lucca you can take a tour of the city's museums, from the best known to the most particular ones.

Guided by the voice of Sandra Tedeschi places full of history, some of them closed to the public, can be discovered in an exciting virtual tour in the former psychiatric hospital of Maggiano.  

Other initiatives throughout Tuscany on the regional platform Culture is network and on the YouTube channel by Mibaact inviting you to make a Tuscany tour through 49 museums.




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Music fans can participate in live concerts in Giacomo Puccini's hometown simply by connecting to the you tube channel Puccini e la sua Lucca

Book lovers can take advantage of online reading on the digital MLOL library Agorà and Fondazione Ragghianti with free access 24 hours a day, where you can download ebooks, newspapers and stream movies.

If you want to try your hand at writing, here are some occasions:

Until May 31 you can participate in the Racconti nella rete ( by sending your unpublished story to the email address A jury will choose the 25 stories that will be part of the 2020 anthology.

Wherever you are, you can recount these days by sending your stories, poems, reflections, drawings, photos, films, audio files of these strange days spent in your home, distant, but united, to 

Modern and contemporary art fans can't miss the stories by Prof. Bolpagni every night from Monday to Thursday on NoiTV (channel 10 and 510) or on demand on the website



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In Lucca, home of the ninth art, many initiatives for the young and the still young at heart, proposed by Lucca Comics and Games which virtually embraces the whole community, in this period of isolation, with various activities signed by LC&G #INERDATHOME#iorestoacasa

RPG Night Live will return on our Twitch channel, a thrilling and amusing role-playing game format of 2019, while lovers of comics and illustrations will start new drawing and story-telling sessions in a Live Drawing format. Without forgetting music, a new Spotify profile offers the occasion to relive the atmosphere of Lucca Comics & Games. On social networks, artists, guests, publishers and friends of the festival will tell us what are their favorite activities in these days, sharing passions, tips and suggestions related to the LC&G universe, and invite you to join them.
Which comic are you reading? Which video game are you playing? What music do you listen to? The possibilities are endless ...

Please find out more:




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Enjoy your visit and welcome to Lucca! :)