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Two towers and a bell tower

In the city with red roofs, tight and close, with roof terraces overlooking hidden gardens, a view from above is a great temptation. In Lucca there are three possibilities to enjoy a "bird's eye view".

Some drawings and paintings of the medieval city show us a skyline characterized by the presence of many vertical buildings. Defense towers, tower-houses, palace towers, bell towers.

Many of them still exist and are well inserted into the urban structure. Some are even accessible to enjoy the most beautiful panorama of the plain of Lucca.

It is worth to mention the elegant tower of the Guinigi Palace (230 steps), unmistakable with the plume of holm oaks on its top; the civic clocktower called Torre delle Ore (207 steps) which has marked the "time of Lucca" for centuries thanks to various mechanisms, the last dating back to the 18th century and still visible and functioning inside the tower, and the mighty bell tower of the San Martino Cathedral (217 steps) crowned by rectangular crenels.

> Clocktower
> Guinigis' Tower
> san martino belltower