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The eleventh edition of VerdeMura will open next Friday, 6 April, an exhibition of gardening and outdoor living that brings to Lucca over 230 exhibitors from all over Italy and a large audience of visitors interested in plants, flowers, and nice to inaugurate the beautiful season in one of the most fascinating Italian cities and open to the world of greenery and the garden.


New location of the event, in the section of urban walls between Baluardo Santa Croce and Baluardo San Donato:


more space for a better layout of the sales stands and for the gratification of visitors and their walk among the flowers and overlooking the city.


This year's program aims above all to bring young people closer to the world of nature and gardening. Many workshops for children, creative learning with flowers and leaves, curious contact with insects, manual skills with small constructions of woodworking and wood turning, knowledge of the origins of wine and awareness of the use of natural products. There will also be a "Little green library of children" with books on vegetable garden, garden, fruit and more related to the vegetable kingdom, fun books to browse to learn to love, along with reading, even the friendly contact with books and treasures that they transmit. The appointment in an area dedicated to children in the Cannoniera del Baluardo Santa Croce. Even those from the Higher Institute of Education of Barga, a hotel school that has chosen VerdeMura to experiment young students with their future job will be young. During the event, at set times, they will go into action preparing and offering cocktails to visitors.


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Among the exhibits of this eleventh edition of VerdeMura, a selection of extraordinary wisterias, unfortunately this year, due to the cold, a bit 'lazy to flourish, except for good temperatures in the previous days VerdeMura. Sunday afternoon to talk about it will be the largest Italian nursery specializing in wisteria, the Pistoia Francesco Vignoli.
For those interested in ethnobotany, there are three proposals: an exhibition on the most used food plants in Lucchesia, the conference "From herbs for the poor to food for gourmets" (Saturday 4.30 pm) and the presentation of an important book on topic, written by the botanist Paolo Emilio Tomei, professor at the University of Pisa and published by Pacini Fazzi (Sunday at 11.30).


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VerdeMura will also be an opportunity to announce the projects of the six gardens of the Mura Creative event that will be held concurrently with Murabilia, the important summer gardening market exhibition on the Lucca walls, which this year will take place on 7-8 September 9th. At the third edition, Mura Creative is now an appointment awaited by architects and landscape architects and by those who frequent the languages ​​and themes of the design of green spaces.

VerdeMura will open its doors on Friday 6th April at 12:00, to continue on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm
The ngresso, also this year is 6 euros.