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a family gorup walking along the cammino di santiago

Walk: a special experience that continues to train Europeans

Santiago de Compostela, Via Francigena, Sant'Olav Street. The Council of Europe's Itineraries also include real paths along which our History has been built and that it is possible to walk through the stairs for the night as they were pilgrims, knights and merchants in the past.


On foot, by bicycle, on horseback or on the back of a donkey like Robert Louis Stevenson who in 1878 left Monastier-sur-Gazeille (Upper Loire) with Modestine donkey and in 12 days of travel and many adventures came to Saint-Jean -du-Gard.


From the experience he took a book published in 1879, "Trip with an Ass in the Cevennes", which was the reference for the realization of the "Stevenson Path" which became the Council of Europe's route in 2015.
Many of the emotions that Stevenson experienced in his journey are the same as those who walk through the modern walkers who, like him, put in their backpacks adventure travel and adventure and along the path fill him with encounters, unexpected experiences, sensations and discoveries somewhat different term.


Telling a walkway experience to those who has never walked is never so simple.


There are a number of unavoidable variables that explain the Way to something authentic. Let's start thinking about slowing down our hectic life, not an irrational stop due to the classic holiday seeking relaxation but slow and gradual deceleration.
Let's consider then to lighten the thoughts and see them from a new perspective and start putting the legs in motion.
Our brain will slowly move away all the pressures and stressful situations that take energy and serenity to give way to new priorities.
In fact, the first thoughts are of practical order (to which time to put the alarm clock, breakfast, lunch, dinner and where to sleep, etc.) but in the midst of those thoughts there is the world.

No one will ever be able to explain clearly the emotions experienced, the suffering in the feet and legs, the joy of the encounters and the agonizing lusts of a walk.


All these components, along with the landscape, the nature, history and traditions of each country, make walking take us to see the world in a new light.
You walk for no reason, says Le Breton, for the pleasure of enjoying the passing of time, indulging in a deviation to find yourself at the end of the journey, discover unknown places and faces, increase bodily knowledge of an inexhaustible world of senses.
Because while walking all the senses are alerted and everything amplifies the still power a bit like seeing a movie in three dimensions where, however, it is protagonists face-to-face with the power of Nature.
So we find ourselves in front of that dawn we would never have thought to be able to see or at that sunset that empties the soul. Hold on to contemplate while you find yourself smiling while thinking how much the world can still astonish.


Samantha Cesaretti