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notte bianca a lucca 2023



Open museums, guided tours, initiatives for children and families, dancing in the squares, live music, special events with the highlight at midnight in Piazza San Martino, but also open shops and restaurants and DJ sets in the clubs. A very rich programm and as usual aimed at a heterogeneous public of all ages - from the youngest to teenagers, up to adults and elder people - that's the White Night of Lucca, scheduled for Saturday 26 August inside the historic centre.

New this year, the opening for the first time of the national museums of Palazzo Mansi and Villa Guinigi and the collaboration with Lucca Crea. Among the top events - all with free admission -  the comedian Matteo Cesca from Lucca. And of course the main event at midnight, scheduled as usual in Piazza San Martino, this year with an evocative light show on the facade of the cathedral, organized by the Proietta company.



Seductive night in the Domus Romana “Calix Antica Roma”
Via Cesare Battisti, 15
Discover the origins of the city and taste the flavors of history (in Italian)
Opening hours: 20.00-00.00
Guided tour of the Domus and tasting of food and drinks from the Roman era.
Ticket €5.00 per person, guided tour with tasting

Via Francigena Entry Point
ex Casa Del Boia - Via dei Bacchettoni, 8Visiting hours: 21.00-22.30
Ticket €5.00

La Pellegrina che ha perso la via 
The Pilgrim who has lost her way
Anything can happen inside the museum walls during the night... even meeting a young pilgrim who has lost her way and even lost time! Let's hear what she has to say about his adventures along the Via Francigena (in Italian).
San Martino Cathedral
Opening from 21.00 to 00.00
Admission € 2.00

Re, Santi e cittadini nella cattedrale di Lucca
Kings, saints and citizens in the cathedral of Lucca
A journey to the discovery of extraordinary works of art that speak to us of famous sovereigns, revered saints but also simple citizens
Opening with guided tour in Italian at 9.00-10.00-11.00 p.m
Cathedral Museum
admission and visit € 4.00
Info and reservations: +39 0583 490530 

Guinigi tower
Via S. Andrea
Extraordinary opening from 22.00 to 00.00
special entrance fee € 3.00

Via Fillungo
Extraordinary opening from 22.00 to 00.00
special entrance fee € 3.00

Barsanti and Matteucci internal combustion engine museum
Via S. Andrea, 56
Extraordinary opening until 00.00
Free admission

Small barracks of the San Paolino bastion
A small medieval village dedicated to the traditions and crafts of the time. An opportunity to admire the artisans in historical clothing while making products that are the fruit of their ingenuity.
Extraordinary opening by Associazione Contrade San Paolino

Small barracks of the San Pietro bastion
Costumes, crossbows and much more
extraordinary opening by the Lucca crossbowmen association

Small barracks on the San Frediano platform
Flag-wavers, Tambourines and Clarinets.
Extraordinary opening by the Historica Lucense Association

National Museum of Palazzo Mansi
via Galli TassiVisit to the exhibition.
Extraordinary opening from 19.30 to 23.30
(last entry 10.30pm)
biglietto € 5,00 (ridotto € 3,00; Gratuito under 18)

National Museum of Villa Guinigi
via della Quarquonia
Extraordinary opening from 19.30 to 23.30
(last entry 10.30pm)
admission € 5,00 (concessions € 3,00; free under 18)

La Frutta che c’era - La Frutta che cera
Murabilia preview.
Different varieties of the Italian fruit-growing tradition of the past and wax as one of the materials of which part of the works on display are made
San Micheletto complex
Via Elisa
Extraordinary opening from 15.00 to 00.00

Paolo Cresci Museum for History
of Italian Emigration

Cortile Carrara
Extraordinary opening from 21.00 to 23.00

Puccini Museum - birth house
Free guided tours at 21.30 and 22.30
Limited number of 25 people per visit.
Reservations required at or (+39) 0583 1900379.

Palazzo Pfanner
Extraordinary opening from 21:00 to 23:30.
Admission €4.00 per person (visit of the garden + museum) 



Lucca Dark
Passion, blood and diabolical mysteries. Evening tour to discover the darkest and most mysterious side of Lucca: between crimes of passion, intrigue and dark legends (in Italian)
h 19.00-21.00

Le mura di Lucca: da una sorpresa ad un’altra
The city walls of Lucca: from one surprise to another
visit of the underground casemates (in Italian)
h 19.00-21.00-22.00

San Martino la cattedrale dello zodiaco
San Martino the cathedral of the zodiac (in Italian)
h 19.00-21.00-22.00

Via dei Fossi
History of the most unusual street in Lucca (in Italian)
h 21.00

Le donne di Lucca
Discovering the charm of Lucca's women (in Italian).
h 21.00

I tesori nascosti di Piazza San Pietro Somaldi
The hidden treasures of Piazza San Pietro Somaldi (in Italian).
h 21.00

Lucrezia Buonvisi: delitto e passione nella Lucca del ‘500
Lucrezia Buonvisi: crime and passion in 16th century Lucca (in Italian)
h 21.00

Una notte di mezza estate a palazzo
A Midsummer Night at the Palace, visit to Palazzo Mansi (in Italian)
h 21.00-22.00

At: Lucca City Tourist Information Center, Piazzale Verdi
tel. +39 0583 583150 -
Everyday 9:30 am / 6:00 pm



h 21:00 - Cortile degli Svizzeri
Tango Argentino 
byTango Querido

h 21:00 - Piazza Napoleone 
by Daisy Dance, Auser and Rumba que Salsa and Gymnasia fitness Club

h 21:00 - Piazza Cittadella
by Salsa de Alma

h 21:00 - Piazza Guidiccioni 
by MM Passione Danza

h 21:00 - Piazza Napoleone
by Alchimia Dance

h 21:00 - Piazza San Martino
by Area Live 23

h 21:00 - Piazza del Giglio
by Paso Latino e MG Armony dance

h 21:00 - Piazzale Vittorio Emanuele II
by Dile que Si

h 21:00 - Piazza San Frediano
by Solo Danza

h 21:30 and 22:30 - Corso Garibaldi
pole dance at “Dj sotto le stelle” 
by Poledance Lucca


Music & entertainment

h 18:00

Palazzo Sani, headquarters Confcommercio Via Fillungo
Wild Zone children's area, workshops, balloons, music, glitter tattoos, photo corner, baby dance
by Incanto party

Palazzo Pretorio, piazza San Michele
White Comics & Games dedicated to the world of comics and intelligent gaming: it will be possible to participate free of charge in the drawing workshops of the Lucca Manga School or sit at the tables of the Ludolega Lucchese and Garfaludica associations to try out various board games.
In both activities it will be possible to be rewarded with a Lucca Comics & Games 2023 day ticket

Corso Garibaldi
Dj under the stars
by Old City - Caffè Monica “da Gio’”

Piazza Anfiteatro - Osteria del Podere
Podere Micheli white night party Steve Martin dj

Piazza Napoleone
Croce Verde Lucca for road safety

Corso Garibaldi- Shaker
NO MUSIC NO LIFE @ Shaker Lucca DJS e Light Show!


h 19:00

Piazza San Francesco 
Wøm Fest Off  
h 19:00 Live in the street - Luca Giovacchini “in solo”.
h 20:00 Live in the street - Volpe.
h 21:00 Una (live).
h 21:30 Giulia/ Il Corve/Nomida (live).
h 23:00 Pino D’Angiò (live).
h 00:15 Bruno Belissimo (dj-set).
In collaboration with local shops

Porta dei Borghi - Vinaiolo - Birraio Ciclo Divino - Bardo - Betty
White night Porta Dei Borghi

Piazza San Giusto
Handicraft market by Lucca Arti e Mestieri

San Giovanni church
A Night at the Opera
by Puccini e La sua Lucca Festival

h 19:30

Via Del Gonfalone - Betty, Vinaiolo e Bar Martini
Santa Maria Vibes dj set
by the underground supporters

Corso Garibaldi - InPastaInBianco
Musica Live
by Following Error Rock band

Piazza San Michele - Bar Casali
Casali con BertoDJ

Piazza San Michele - Pasticceria Taddeucci
Buccellato Salato Party

Mercato del Carmine - Bar del Sole
Carmine by Night


h 20:00

Piazza San Michele - Lebowski - Caffe del Mercato, Peschino - Turandot - Screwdriver
Nessun dorma - Madame Black dj


h 21.00

Palazzo Sani - via Fillungo 
h 21:00 / 22:00 / 23:00
Pilates and Yoga White Night 
by Palestra Ego
free while seats last.
for booking:

Terrace on Palazzo Sani
E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle
And then we went out to see the stars again ...
astronomical observation with the latest telescopes.

Piazza San Giovanni 
h 21:00 / 22:00 / 22:30 / 23:00 / 23:30
Al Chiaro di Luna, come su un prato di sera
In the moonlight, like on a meadow in the evening
circus and light show by the duo Ariadna

Salvatore bastion
San Salvatore night dj set
by Marco Lazzaroni and Luca Bastianelli

Via San Giorgio - Longe Bistrot H & G 
Niki Larosa Live: from90’s on

Corso Garibaldi - InPastaInBianco
Live music by Strimpelleria Nostrale Rock band

Via Calderia - Rewine
Nessun Dorma Dj set

Via San Giorgio - Presso Franklin 33
Lucca-Honolulu in 5 drinks w/ Wally dj


h 21.15

Real Collegio
Marco Nicolosi, Domenico Bertuccelli "Gavorchio” and Giovanni Giangrandi
A veglia nel chiostro
Dialect theater with musical interludes by Angela Giannini and her accordion.


h 21:30

Villa Bottini 
Open air Cinema (in Italian)
Opening ticket office h 20.30
Presale on
or directly at Villa Bottini

C.r.e.d - Via S Andrea 33
Lucca-Livorno andata e ritorno
Comedy show by and with Matteo Cesca and Claudio Marmugi
Free admission

h 22.00

Corso Garibaldi - InPastaInBianco
Dj set by DjCugino


h 22:30

Piazza San Michele - Lebowski, Caffe del Mercato, Peschino, Turandot, Screwdriver
Nessun dorma - Lorenzo Torelli dj

h  23.00

Piazza Antelminelli - Undici Undici 
La NOTTE bianca VOLA dj set

h 00.00

Piazza San Martino
Luce, colore e musica
Light, color and music performance