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A year with Napoleon

Relive the splendour of the Napoleonic court in a grand international historical re-enactment at Villa Reale.

100 participants from all over the world reconstruct the event in the magnificent park and Villa Reale, an oasis of pleasure and tranquillity during the hot Tuscan summers. Step back to 1810 when Elisa spent the summer in the company of a group of talented guests.

If you love the arts you will delight in listening to Paganini play in the Teatro di Verzura, or attend a rehearsal of "Il Trionfo dell'Amore", discover the water games in the Grotta di Pan, admire the Tableau Vivant and attend a rehearsal of the new choreography led by Elisa's Ballet Master.

If you love sports, you will enjoy archery lessons and fencing demonstrations in the park or watch the training of the 113th Line Infantry Regiment.

Or you can play Blind Man's Bluff on the lawn or play cards with Elisa and her ladies-in-waiting and members of her court while animatedly discussing politics.

If you prefer something more relaxing, you can follow a guided tour of the fragrant trees and plants planted by Elisa and, to finish, a carriage ride around the park.

If you are curious about the times of the Napoleonic Empire, from cuisine to fashion, from architecture to dancing, there are the summer appointments with the Conversazioni Napoleoniche (Napoleonic Conversations) organised by the project 'From Paris to Tuscany: the taste of life at the time of Napoleon and Élisa', in collaboration with Le Souvenir Napoléonien / Western Tuscany.

Three evenings of in-depth meetings on the life of the Napoleons and their times.

Waltzes, Quadrilles, Contradances, Mazurkas, Polkas, Parties and Grand Dances Society Dances from the 19th century tradition.

If you don't want to be caught unprepared, you can learn 19th century Society Dances.

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