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The Laboratorio Brunier association is back to the scene with the first three events of 2022 in the name of music and entertainment.

Art and music performances for an entertaining afternoon with L'amor che move il sole e le altre stelle. Small theatrical performances, poetry readings, recitation of famous passages from the Divine Comedy and lyrical performances to the notes of Baroque and eighteenth-century music.

The protagonists are the participants of the PCTO Brunier workshops "All'opera ragazze/i" e "Il costume di scena" of the Istituto Superiore N. Machiavelli of Lucca, of the Liceo Artistico Musicale A. Passaglia of Lucca and of the Liceo Artistico Musicale F. Palma di Massa.

For information and reservations: tel. +39 347 6254609 or +39 339 8701584.




February 26 / March 1, 2022
Start / End Time
5:00 pm
Casermetta Santa Croce. Mura di Lucca.
€ 3,00

Associazione artistico-culturale Laboratorio Brunier
Ex Caserma Lorenzini. Corso Garibaldi, 53 - Lucca
tel. +39 347 6254609 -