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anteprima vini della costa lucca affiche 2019

Anteprima vini della Costa Toscana

More than 800 labels for a total of more than 100 winemakers, coming from the Tuscan provinces bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Wines to taste in preview and vintages that have made history for a unique oenological journey that brings to Lucca all the best productions of the Tuscan coastal territory.

The largest wine review of the Tuscan coast back to the Real Collegio. As tradition has it by now, there will be workshops and master classes thanks to which it will be possible to deepen some particular types of wines. Between horizontal and vertical, this year the protagonists will be the wines that have made Tuscany famous all over the world, starting from Sassicaia, and, for foreign countries, the French noble wines with Bourdeaux. In the verticals, instead, it will be possible to appreciate the productions of the Ghizzano and Capezzana estates. The workshops will be led by journalists and producers who, supported by the professionalism of the Fisar sommeliers, will accompany the participants on a journey of taste.

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of the 18th edition of Anteprima Vini della Costa Toscana, the eagerly awaited event, organized by the Grand Cru of the Tuscan Coast and Event Service Tuscany, which will bring back to the former Royal College of Lucca, on May 4 and 5, many fans and insiders to taste the exclusive production of vigneron wines from the provinces of Grosseto, Livorno, Pisa, Lucca and Massa Carrara. An appointment that this year is enriched with further novelties, the most important dels which is represented by the exhibition "Artisans of Taste", the gastronomic route (free entrance) that will develop on the ground floor offering products, food and combinations prepared by real artisans of taste.

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Tuscan coast wines preview

In the halls of the main floor will be set up a grand gala of tasting stalls where you can meet the wine artisan directly. A room reserved for experts will explore the 2018 vintage: a unique opportunity to taste the samples in barrels of the vintage just passed. There will also be more and more prestigious master classes. Sassicaia is back again this year, after the success of the 2018 edition, in the horizontal "2015: the great harvest". And to continue with great wineries and great vintages, those who want to participate in the horizontal Bordeaux vintage 1998 will be accompanied by the discovery of the aging of noble French wines.

Two verticals to tell two stories of prestigious companies and prestigious Tuscan reds. The vertical of coast "Nambrot. 1996-2016. 20 vintages" of Tenuta di Ghizzano; "Trefiano: the wine of Vittorio, vintages 1999-2015" of Tenuta di Capezzana. Finally, a careful look will be taken at the French biodynamic production, in particular at the large companies that have always worked in biodynamics, becoming stylistic and productive references for the wine world. National and international guests will accompany us on the tasting journey, supported by the professionalism of the Fisar sommeliers.

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Artisans of taste

On the ground floor, in the cloister, space instead to a new exhibition with free admission: "Artisans of Taste", a renewed garden of flavours that joins the wine tasting, conceived and produced by Event Service Tuscany and developed by Carlo Baducci, Il Cuore Ricevimenti. A journey through the Italy of excellence, which creates every day original gastronomic proposals capable of combining tradition with research, organic with the guarantee of quality. From cheeses to cold cuts, from biscuits to cakes and pastries, from rice to chestnuts and flours. And then there are also craft beers from the Tuscan coast and guided tastings to discover the secrets of the products presented. Cigar lovers will rediscover the traditional Fumoir lounge enriched by the suggestions of spirits and cocktails by Mauro Picchi.

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(Phocredits R. Giomi)