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Viareggio Carnival

The Carnival In Viareggio

Viareggio, the capital of the Italian Carnival, gives an appointment to the five great Masquerade parade 2019.

The event celebrates its 146th birthday this year..
From Saturday 9 February to Tuesday 5 March 2019 the city is transformed and the landscape of the waves crashing on the beach leaves the scene in parades of papier-mâché giants, night parties, fireworks, veglioni, theatrical reviews, gastronomic events and major sporting events world. An international event, the largest and most famous allegorical floats in the world.

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A Carnival female way

Always the Carnival of Viareggio, thanks to the creativity of the master builders and its ability to communicate, is a supporter towards the public and the media, with its ironic and desecrating ways, of important current issues.
The entire event will be the celebration of women: guests from the world of art, entertainment, entrepreneurship and volunteering will bring messages to the female world.

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Beginning with the pop poster, the official poster signed by Nicoletta Poli who collects the baton from Renato Missaglia and the important authors including backwards, Uberto Bonetti who introduced the now inevitable characters of Ondina and Burlamacco up to the first, Guglielmo Lippi Francesconi. Inspired by the references of urban art, graffiti and pop culture born on the street, the author Nicoletta Poli, interpreted and created the manifesto of the Viareggio Carnival 2019 capturing contemporary suggestions, mixing graphic and pictorial techniques with photographic images , in order to convey his vision of an extraordinary event and capture the festive atmosphere that is breathed in Versilia during the carnival period. .

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It's a woman also the author of the author's manifesto: Graziella Marchi. In its interpretation the changing colors of the waves of the sea, which give off strength and dynamism, are furrowed by the boat's hull in the foreground, which cleaves the water with determination towards new adventures.
Burlamacco and Ondina, symbol masks of Viareggio, play and joke with the elements, in an unusual perspective but full of movement and joy.

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The charriots

Meanwhile, at the Cittadella del Carnevale, over 25 artisan companies, with more than 250 Masters builders Viareggio professionals have been engaged for months in the creation of real traveling theaters. In many cases they are children of art who inherited the skills and secrets of a unique profession from the world of fathers and grandfathers.
20 meters by 12, the wagons are created to amaze the public and the jury

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The parades

The triple shot of the cannon is the unmistakable sign that the party begins in Viareggio. Shot from the sea begins the parade of wagons. As if by magic, the giant masks come to life among movements, music and dances. A show that is always new, exciting and fascinating. Five Great Masked Courses, concentrated in a single month of great festivities. After the inauguration ceremony on Saturday 9 February at 3:00 pm the courses are repeated, at the same time, on the 17th and 23rd February, on the 3rd and 5th of March, followed by the award ceremony and the fireworks display.


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Last minute

Then there is a last (but not least) cart whose special effect will not be the height or the sculpture of the masters of the papier-mâché, but the warmth that the public of Viareggio has already shown towards the artist with the resounding sold out the date of July 30 (sold out in a few hours), which has already forced the organizers to provide a second appointment, for the grand finale of the Jova Beach Party on August 31, at the Muraglione Beach.

Also the Carnival of Viareggio pays homage to Jovanotti. The wagon, out of competition, will parade as the first in a row in the parade of the five courses and will stage on 9, 17 and 23 February and again on 3 and 5 March the music of Jovanotti. A platform, a console, a deejay for each different course and Lorenzo's music will therefore be the opening of the Viareggio Carnival 2019.

Like the Jova Beach Party that collaborates with the WWF in the utmost respect and care for the environment, even the Carnival of Viareggio is #PlasticFree.