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FAQ - How and why visit to Lucca


  • Where can I leave my car?

Most part of the historic center of Lucca is in the ZTL Limited Traffic Area, it can be accessed only, if indispensable, with a special permit to be requested by METRO srl
The car parks close to the city walls are with a fee or with a parking disc, except for the car parks in Piazzale Don Baroni (north), the Tagliate car park (north) and the Macelli car park (east) which are free.
Find all the information and a map of the parking spaces on 


  • Arriving in Lucca by train or bus, how can I reach the historic centre?

Reaching the historic center of Lucca from the train station is very simple. The Lucca train station is located near the historic center (south), about 200m from the walls and about 350m from the entrance gate of Porta San Pietro.
The bus terminal is located in Piazzale Verdi, inside the historic centre, near the gate of Porta Vittorio Emanuele (north-west area). The tourist Infopoint of the city of Lucca is located in the square.


  • Can I go up on the city walls?

LThe Renaissance Walls of Lucca are the symbol of the city, a completely passable and freely accessible wall.
The current promenade on the top is the result of a 19th-century restructuring which modified some parts by arranging the trees in regular avenues above the curtains and in the form of gardens on the ramparts.
The tree-lined avenues above the curtains and the bastion gardens can be accessed by entering through one of the access gates and using the many stairs and ramps located along the entire internal perimeter.
For safety reasons, it is not possible to climb the grassy knolls that delimit the avenues of the wall curtains and the bastions.


  • How can I move around in the historic centre?

Most of the historic center of Lucca is in the ZTL Limited Traffic Area, therefore it is highly advisable to get around on foot or, as many locals do, by bicycle.
The historic center is crossed by the urban LAM line (Red, green and blue).
On autolinee toscane  you will find information on the bus lines and timetables and the online ticket office.
On bike rentals you will find all the contacts to rent a bike.


  • How can I access the historic centre?

The historic center of Lucca is located inside the Renaissance walls. It can be accessed from the 6 city gates, which are: Porta San Pietro (south, railway station side), Porta Santa Maria (north), Porta San Donato Nuova (northwest), Porta San Jacopo (northeast), Porta Elisa (east) and Porta Vittorio Emanuele (west).
On foot you can use the walkways near the bastions to enter into the city through these narrow passages which are an integral part of the military structure and which were once used only by the soldiers.


  • How can I get information about concerts, shows and activities?

You can download the Webapp on your smartphone, where you can find all the events to choose by date, title, period or category, easily find your favorites and be always up to date.


  • Are there any guided tours of the historic centre?

There are several guide associations that organize guided tours of the historic center and its surroundings.
In the pages /activities  e visite-guidate-del-mese you will find all the tours and activities offered by the tourist and environmental guides in the historic center and its surroundings.


  • Is there any luggage storage in Lucca?

There are three luggage storage services:
Tourist center Piazzale Ricasoli, 503 – in front of the station (south area)
- PCC- Pro Classic Cycle via Cesare Battisti 58 - # (historic center)
- La Bella Lucca, chiasso Barletti, 14 tel. +39 331 2280032 (historic centre)


  • Do tourist buses have to pay a Check Point? Where can passengers get off to visit the city?

Tourist buses are required to pay an entrance fee.
On this page you can find the rates and details: infopoint/check-point

Bus passengers can get off in the dedicated areas located at the gates of the city walls of Lucca
- Piazzale Boccherini (Vittorio Emanuele gate)
- Porta San Pietro
- Porta Santa Maria
- Porta Elisa
Further information on TOURIST BUSES


  • How can I reach the Cinque Terre from Lucca?

From Lucca it is possible to reach the Cinque Terre by train or by car.
The most recommended means of transport is the train: from the Lucca railway station towards Viareggio. In Viareggio, change to La Spezia.
From La Spezia, the Cinque Terre can be reached by train or by boat.
By land, the 5terre Card allows unlimited travel by train for 1, 2 or 3 days between the stations of the Cinque Terre villages.
By sea at the port there is a boat service that connects the city to the villages of the coast (during the summer, this service can also be used from the pier in the port of Viareggio:

If you wish traveling by car it is recommended to stop in La Spezia and then get to Cinque Terre by boat or train.


  • Where can I find a public toilet in Lucca?

The public toilets in Lucca are located at:

Public toilets - via Pescheria, 9

IAT office of the city of Lucca, Vecchia Porta San Donato - Piazzale Verdi

Infopoint Walls of Lucca - castle of Porta San Donato Nuova

IAT Olive oil and Wine Roads Office of Lucca, Montecarlo, Versilia, Porta Elisa in via Elisa (seasonal opening).

FS train station (along platform 1)