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Lucca in disguise 2024


It's an incredible Carnival...


Amusing and involving events that, in collaboration with Viareggio's Carnival, will bring the spirit of lightness and feast to Lucca.


The parade of masks on the Walls and in the squares of Lucca


Sunday, February the 4th, from 3.00 p.m., the mask parade along the Walls of Lucca.

The itinerary starts from porta Sant' Anna and goes on along the walls to Café delle Mura, where there will be a first performance of dancing, theme choreographies presented by Daniele Maffei, official speaker of Viareggio's Carnival.

The masked groups, consisting of about 500 figures, floats in miniature and many other surprises, will then descend to piazza San Michele (St. Michael's square), where a second spectacular performance is scheduled.

Chiara Squaglia, a well-known face of Striscia la Notizia, will be the special godmother of the parade she will open together with Ondina and Burlamacco.

Two giant screens will be installed at Caffè delle Mura and in St. Michael's square, which will show images of the 2024 edition of the floats of Viareggio's Carnival during the parade.


In the squares, the large papier-mâché works of Viareggio's master carristi (float makers).


In piazza Napoleone (Napoleon square), the Rolling Stones come back to Lucca thanks to master Luca Bertozzi.
A large papier-mâché work depicting the band, a tribute to the historic concert that consecrated Lucca at the center of the international music scene in 2017.

La Tigre in Gabbia (The Tiger in the Cage), by master Luca Bertozzi, will overlook St. Michael's Square from the loggia of Palazzo Pretorio.

Piazza Anfiteatro welcomes Gli Sciamani (The Shamans), the fascinating and mysterious papier-mâché work created by master Michele Canova.

In Piazzale Verdi, in the pedestrian space in front of the tourist reception center, Pinocchio will come!
The big fairy tale whale and the fairy tale characters, lighted into the night, will be a truly unique attraction for young and old likewise.


Allegra Baccanata and fancy dress shopping throughout the historic center


On the weekend of February 3rd and 4th, there's no messing around with Sconti in Maschera (Discounts in Disguise), the super deals at the best stores in the Old Town and, in the restaurants, Carnevale a Tavola (Carnival at the Table), with the Carnival menu recognizable by the menu-holders with the logo of the event.

Saturday, February 17th, from 7 p.m. the Allegra Baccanata with the city's businesses and venues that will enliven the evening with amazing masks and entertainment and, from 9 p.m. in piazza Anfiteatro, there will be the PanPers, a comedy duo of stand-up comedians and actors, social legends not only for younger generations, with more than 3 million total followers across various digital channels.


For children and youngsters, parties in the squares, confetti and games


Saturday, February 3rd at 3 p.m. in piazza san Francesco (St. Francis square) and Saturday, February 17th in St. Michael's square, from 4 p.m., (on this date accompanied by traditional Carnival sweets prepared and distributed by pastry chefs) a party with games, fire-eaters, streamers and animation with Achiappasogni and Circotà and, at 5 p.m., in the basement of San Donato casemate at Museo della Zecca, an unprecedented puppet show, organized by the association Il Sogno di Costantino.

February, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th from 3 p.m. at Villa Bottini Il Regno del Carnevale (The Carnival Kingdom) for children and families with games and child makeup.
Saturday 24th : Activities and workshops, Welcoming Baby Dance, Pentolaccia, Concert, Treasure Hunt, Closing Baby Dance.
Sunday 25th: Activities and workshops, Welcome Baby Dance, Pentolaccia, Show and fire-eating, Treasure Hunt, Closing Baby Dance.


For all CarnevalFratta, the historic Carnival of Lucca


After a few years of absence, the event that combines art and entertainment, food and conviviality, families and youth, staging and masks is back.

Sunday, February 18th, CarnevalFratta, a famous "masquerade" event that has enlivened the "Bastardo" neighborhood, the "Fratta" area and the "Borghi di Levante" since the late 1970s, returns to St. Francis Square.

On the programme, music, performances and good food for all ages, with departure scheduled for 3 p.m. and conclusion after dinner.

The Osti of St. Francis Square People's Committee and the cultural and social promotion association Catecholamina Garage will participate.

CarnevalFratta, born in 1979, soon became the Carnival of Lucca, a cultural and artistic highlight, in the square and in the city throughout the year with workshops for masks and the creation of floats.

In the 1990s, 60 Puncinellas arrived from Avellino. All that remains is to see what 2024 has in store for us!

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download the programme (pdf 84kb)