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app di Lucca comics and games


Among the novelties 2023 arrives the official APP of Lucca Comics & Games: LuccaCG23 Assistant.

A practical travel companion, which can also be used offline, designed to allow the community to fully enjoy the magic of the festival and its countless events.

LuccaCG23 Assistant was born as an amateur project of some fans of Lucca Comics & Games to allow them to disentangle themselves among the thousands of activities available during the event, perfectly embracing the spirit of TOGETHER, the claim of this edition.

Thanks to LuccaCG23 Assistant it is possible to consult the programme, which is constantly updated, discover, follow and easily reach the most interesting events according to date, place or category, as well as share events with friends on social networks and via chat. You can create your own personal schedule for all days of the festival through a system of favourites.

LuccaCG23 Assistant sends push notifications in real time

30 minutes before the start of each favourite event and informs you when new events and news are added. The app is also able to notify any messages about traffic or public order changes, to ensure peace of mind and fun for everyone.

The app allows you to create a group of friends,

easily shared via chat and social through an invitation link. Friends who are part of the same group can view their friends' favourite events and, thanks to this information, eventually choose to share time and interests 'together'.

LuccaCG23 Assistant allows you to consult the map

of the Lucca Comics & Games locations and to easily orient yourself during the event. In the event of the activation of the road safety plan, changes will be shown on the map and you will receive convenient directions on which roads to take.

The app is also a Booking and Wallet for limited number events that can be booked through Eventbrite. An ad-hoc integration with the well-known event management service has been realised to allow, by connecting the relevant user, the booking of tickets and their display within the app.

The consultation of all information, thanks to a real-time database with caching on the users' devices, is always possible, even in poor network conditions and/or in offline mode.

LuccaCG23 Assistant was born from an idea by Michele Gentile and Marianna Modugno, and has come to its current maturity with the indispensable creativity and skills of Simone Altamura, with the feedback of those who have attended Lucca Comics & Games at least once in their lives and appreciated its inimitable atmosphere, and with the initiative of Andrea Gettapietra, the LEVEL UP FAN group and Lucca Crea to believe in the project. The alchemy of technical skills, passion, and the affection we have for the festival have led us to become a team, "Kind Jackal", and all this would not have been possible if not TOGETHER.


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