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Puccini e la sua Lucca International Festival

All year round.

Puccini e la sua Lucca is "the only permanent festival in the world" dedicated to Puccini.
Special events are scheduled on selected dates with symphonic opera galas with orchestra and choir.


concerto del festival puccini e la sua lucca


Recitals, opera selections, special concerts all year round, every day of the year in the most fascinating Basilica in the centre of Lucca, Santi Giovanni e Reparata, all at the same time (concerts start at 7pm) and all performed by renowned national and international singers and pianists.

A great opportunity to appreciate the music of the most famous Lucchese in the world. And, above all, always with different performers and programmes each evening, to give the public the broadest idea of Puccini's great Genius, often compared with the music and arias of the other great Italian opera singers. And all this in the city where he was born and lived for a long time and in a Church so closely linked to salient moments of his life.

Where: Church of Santi Giovanni e Reparata, Lucca
When: From 31 March to 31 October every day at 7:00 pm in the San Giovanni church / From 1 November to 30 March every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7.15 pm in the Oratorio San Giuseppe. 


Contatti: Puccini e la sua Lucca
FB / PucciniLucca
tel. 340 8106042