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A walk in town

A short stroll in the city or a long walk along the river or in the woods of the Lucca plain.

Different kinds of tours, classic or original, through the centuries and to the monuments in the historic center, or enjoying the colors and atmospheres of the countryside and hills.

Small trips full of wonders to be discovered just around the corner.

button city guided tours

Lucca in particular: guided tours with professional guides.

An original look at the roofs, towers, altanas and churches of Lucca's historic centre.

A town for all.

Discovering the Francigena places in the historic centre of Lucca.

Chasing a trail of spring scents and blossoms in the footsteps of Princess Elisa.

The most beautiful sights of Lucca, in the arts of the posters of LuccaComics&Games

Double-tailed mermaids, dancing bears, dragons, herons, unicorns and other fantastic animals and where to find them in Lucca.

Four steps into the most frightening places within the walled city.

Famous, unknown, fantastic, usual stories: 2000 years of history in 2 Museums.