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I piaceri dell’estate di Elisa - Elisa's Summer Pleasures is an evocative historical re-enactment in the wonderful setting of Villa Reale in Marlia.

A day full of emotions and beauty, with historical and military reenactors in Napoleon style clothes, music, dancing, shows and laughter in a corner of paradise on the outskirts of Lucca.

The atmosphere of the early nineteenth century is enhanced by Paganini's music, water games in the Grotto of Pan, Il Trionfo dell’Amore by Pierre de Marivaux in the greenery theater Teatro di Verzura, Tableaux Vivants in the sumptuous rooms of the villa, card games, dance rehearsals, archery and fencing lessons in the park, training of the 113th Line Infantry Regiment, Blind Man's Bluff on the lawn, a carriage ride in the park, a perfumed guided tour along the olfactory path through the trees and plants planted by Elisa.

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June 5, 2022
Start / End Time
10:00 am / 5:00 pm
Villa Reale in Marlia. Via Fraga Alta, 2 - loc. Marlia, Capannori

Villa Reale di Marlia
Via Fraga Alta, 2 - loc. Marlia, Capannori
Tel. +39 0583 30108 -