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Whether running or on a slow walk, non-competitive marches are the perfect opportunity to get outdoors, improve fitness and discover places, landscapes, traditions and stories in an atmosphere of conviviality and friendship. And at the end of each march there is always a rich and tasty refreshment.

March 9, 2024
Monte Carlo
Marcia delle Vigne (March of the Vineyards)
The walk starts from Piazza d'Armi in Montecarlo and passes through the charming and relaxing vineyard landscapes. Routes of 2, 6 and 10 kilometres.

April 13, 2024
Marcia di San Pancrazio (March of San Pancrazio)
A classic of hill walks. A 3 or 6 km loop through the parks and history of some of Lucca's most beautiful villas to the scenic Specola di Marlia.

April 28, 2024
Marcia delle Ville (March of the Villas)
The queen of Lucca's non-competitive marches. An experience among the gentle hills of Capannori and its astonishing villas.
A simple walk or, for the best trained, 26 km as far as the foot of the Pizzorne.

May 18, 2024
Capannori, Camigliano Santa Gemma
Marcia di Santa Gemma (Santa Gemma's March)
Three itineraries for all legs, from 2 to 11 km, designed to admire the splendid hilly landscapes of Piana di Lucca and breathe the fragrances of spring.

May 19, 2024
Porcari Corre (Porcari Runs)
Among hilly paths, ponds, reeds, birds and the fairytale oak of Pinocchio. Five routes for athletes, families and... prams.

June 8, 2024
Lucca, Verciano
La marcia di Verciano (Verciano march)
From one temple to another along the monumental Nottolini aqueduct, nature meets history. You can choose from four itineraries, ranging from 2 to 15 km.

June 2024
Capannori, Castelvecchio di Compito
Marcia delle colline del Compitese (March of the Compitese hills)
The route skirts Lake Gherardesca and climbs gently up to the Compitese villages and the village of Castelvecchio Alto for a stunning view of Piana di Lucca.

June 23, 2024
Capannori, Colognora di Compito
Passeggiata nel verde (Walk in the green)
A soft walk, five routes (from 2 to 18 km) for a pleasant immersion among paths and country lanes, olive groves and soft hills.

July 20, 2024
Villa Basilica, Pizzorne Plateau
Corri in Pizzorna (Run across Pizzorne)
We walk at an altitude of one thousand metres through the woods of Pizzorne that embrace the northern territory of Piana di Lucca. Amidst evocative scenery and mountain scents.

September 1, 2024
Capannori, San Colombano
Marcia di Canapino (March of Canapino)
A walk in the Capannori hills among vineyards and olive groves with a stop at the belvedere of Specola, the ancient observatory of Lucca. Relaxation and panoramic views are assured.

September 2024
La marcia delle lumache (The snail march)
A healthy walk against Parkinson's disease on the green ring of the Walls of Lucca for a day of joy and activity, strictly at a slow pace.

September 21, 2024
Lucca, Sorbano del Giudice
Corriamo a Sorbanello con Giacomo (Let's run in Sorbanello with Giacomo)
A free pace march, to be done running or as a simple walk, along the arches of the Nottolini Aqueduct and in the countryside of Sorbano del Giudice.

October 6, 2024
Lucca, Ponte a Moriano
La Sgambata del Ponte (The Bridge Stride)
The march starts from the main square of Ponte a Moriano and, touching the panoramic hills of Ciciana and Tramonte, ascends to the imposing and candid Convento dell'Angelo.

October 27, 2024
Lucca, Nozzano
Four routes of 3, 6, 12 and 18 km among paved roads, dirt tracks and paths in the sweet hills of Lucca. And a superb view of the castle of Nozzano.

November 9, 2024
Lucca, Villaggio del Fanciullo
Un cancello sulle Mura (A gate on the Walls)
Running or walking, one tour, or even two, of the Walls of Lucca, between fun and solidarity. In the spirit of the historic initiative of Villaggio del Fanciullo.

December 2024
Christmas Run
Christmas Run. For runners preparing for the new season and those who want to exchange wishes while walking unhurriedly through the streets of Lucca and its splendid Walls.