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LFW(end) Lucca fashion weekend


Second edition for Lucca Fashion Weekend, scheduled from June 27 to 29, 2024, in Lucca.

Lucca Fashion Weekend opens up to the city, creating a synergy between art and historical spaces, to trace new and innovative exploratory paths and to define a local language that looks to the future in a continuous cross-reference between valorisation of the territory and know-how.
Traditional craftsmanship and new contemporary visions are the lines along which the event moves, intertwining at the meeting point between generations.
A two-day event full of events: installations, talks, exhibitions and presentations in conversation with historical locations and art palaces.

Lucca fashion weekend is an extraordinary opportunity to make the territory, its craft and commercial realities, its places and panoramas known, with the aim of protecting tradition but with an eye to research and experimentation.


lucca fashion weekend 2024


The structure of the event is consolidated on the 3 pillars, united by innovation and sustainability:

LFW(end), full of presentations for young independent brands, ateliers and local and national craft realities, as well as talks with independent magazines;

LFW EXP, intended for exhibitions and installations spread across the city streets, art and urban fabric in privileged conversations;

LFW OFF, promoting initiatives and events realised by commercial activities along the main shopping streets, which will animate the streets with presentations and extraordinary openings.

SOTTERRANEA, an exhibition project that sees the city's basements host young designers and prestigious artisans.
Historical sites and buildings will be the privileged setting for LFW EXP. 


In the second edition of Lucca Fashion Week(end) there is also Lucca Crea, which has taken care of the creation of the poster entrusted to Giacomo Bevilacqua, one of the greatest and most influential contemporary Italian comic strip artists (twice winner of the Gran Guinigi Prize in Lucca), who created the image, while Giulia Dorati of TheSign Comics & Arts Academy in Florence was the art director. Lucca Crea and The Sign will also curate an event dedicated to fashion in the world of manga and comics, with the participation of Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, director of art of Lucca Comics & Games, the comic artist Alberto Pagliaro and Marta Biagini, stylist for international brands.


Via dei Fossi, an ancient silk road, will bear the signature of Francesco Zavattari and Laura de Cesare. Silk, the theme of the event, will be the protagonist here, where a spatial installation by Francesco Zavattari will involve and envelop the historical Lucca street in an intriguing web, coming to animate ancient disused spaces and giving life to an interactive path where matter and light will converse in exemplary harmony.
Zavattari will then be the interpreter of an evocative performance during the opening ceremony of the event.

Focus on craftsmanship and the mastery of the hands with the workshop exhibition La via della seta. Il Filaticcio lucchese, where the artisan and weaver Laura de Cesare will perform a live weaving of the Lucca filaticcio on a treadle loom, set up with historical local fabric; the work on looms of Associazione Tessiture Lucchesi will also be on display.

BOOM! La moda italiana (Italian fashion), an exhibition project celebrating the origins of Italian fashion will be the setting for the round table dedicated to Made in Italy at the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, where it will be possible to admire a selection of archives dedicated to fashion from the historical magazine "Italia Domani", a weekly published from 1958 to 1960.

Barbie Show, the exhibition history, contemporaneity at the Fondazione Banca del Monte, dedicated to the iconic doll, a selection from the private collection of Renata Frediani, one of the most important collections of the famous Mattel doll, with historical Barbies from 1959 to 1980.

In the OFF section. Artisanal Crossroad, a diffuse installation project involving independent brands in as many iconic locations in the city. Old jewellers, picture framers, historic bookshops and local artisans will host a selection of independent brands as mentors and promoters of young Made in Italy talents. Also worthy of mention are the flash make-up and olfactory discovery initiatives organised by Armani beauty and Le Vanità perfumeries at the Loggiato Pretorio.